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Let’s Talk: Signs That You Are In An Unhealthy Relationship

Relationships require a lot of work to maintain happiness. In the midst of trying to remain happy, you begin to question yourself and the relationship. Often times we stay in a relationship under certain circumstances at the expense of our happiness. Life is too short to stay in an unhealthy atmosphere.


Although, we have been told to never stay in a situation that makes you unhappy, we continue to do it anyway. But, why? At times, we think that the other person is going to change or you think that having children will change them. But, it won’t. Bringing children into an unhealthy relationship is going to be hard on the children and ultimately make you more miserable. Marriage or children do not help relationships that are already broken.


Unhealthy relationships are not only for exclusive relationships but situationships as well. There are many side chicks and dudes that have been in their “situationship” for years. Although the other person’s heart is with someone else, they continue to stay. The way you feel about the person is indescribable and you want to shout to the world about your girl or guy. Only problem is, you’re embarrassed to tell them that you are the side piece and that they don’t plan on leaving the one they’re with.


There are many signs that you must pay attention to when in an unhealthy relationship. If you are unsure whether or not you are in one, check out a few scenarios below:


If you start to lose yourself throughout the relationship, it is time to end that situation. There should never be a moment when you look in the mirror and no longer recognize the person staring back at you. Be with someone that you can be yourself around. Let them love you unconditionally and show you that you are the only one that takes their breath away.


Another sign is the constant break up to make up routine. These don’t often end well. The break-ups could occur because of lack of communication, trust, and pure unhappiness. Don’t keep putting yourself in a situation thinking the other person is going to change. When someone shows you who they are, you have to believe it. Do not brush it off, then you will find yourself doing the same song and dance over and over again.


You are in an unhealthy relationship if you two don’t have trust. If you find yourself constantly snooping through their phone or personals, you need to let it go. Also, if you are constantly accusing them of doing something they aren’t, this is a true deal breaker. There’s no need to be with someone you can’t trust.


Carrying on a relationship with someone else’s mate is clearly unhealthy and will stop you from possibly meeting “the one.” Stop thinking that things are going to change. Putting your focus into someone that doesn’t have your best interest at heart is selfish and unfair to both. Find someone that will love, respect, and show you that you are the only one for them. Take your time and be patient…Love is waiting!


There are so many other signs that you are in an unhealthy relationship. Be sure to pay attention to them. Do not ignore them! If you do, you are creating more issues for the both of you.


Happiness, trust, and communication are the keys to a successful and healthy relationship. What would you add to the list?

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  1. Some people can and should be trusted and always have been trustworthy but in my case I’m from Ohio where the available population is smaller and do you can’t get away with seedy or shady behavior or you were branded! Then if you’re popular then people really are waiting for you to fail and be like other people and I always chose the long term reputation because I had yet to find the one. I love to LA several years back and finally after all of these years meet someone and we both have that supernatural connection but suddenly once his live grew to a certain point…well it was like he became super threatened suddenly and super obsessed like I was always trying to get some quickies in it something and my thinking is so far from his ideas it was always shocking to me how he was thinking and of course I thought well damn he must be a sex addict! But he went from perfect supportive and loving and expressive as well as accountable to doing all kinds o rude and immature stuff blocking, apologizing, blocking again, complaining, around and around and. No matter how much Bs I’m shocked myself that I still love him after some of these episodes but it’s Ron the point where he can’t go 24 hours in one mood about who I am and what has gdpend. St first it was like my bad my bad my bad but once it was too many infractions he started trying to EVEN the score like it was me or both of us NEVER him anymore! I hate that I seem to not care and don’t know why I’m like this I’ve never been this way in the past! But can’t get over the BAIT part and he’s switched for sure! I’m just do happy go love him truly but unhappy at being here alone while he speaks and disrespects me! What do I do to officially let it go andnit ANSWER his calls even though I said I was here go stay? Where is he is my thing? I know it’s wrong in every way especially considering the disrespect! I mean he says things you think no one could say! Oh and suddenly I can’t really speak to anyone or if I do that means it’s a sex partner. I know he’s narcissistic and still love him! Someone take me away!

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