United Airlines Deplanes Engaged Couple Traveling to Wedding

United Airlines Deplanes Engaged Couple Traveling to Wedding


Last week, United Airlines implemented several changes to its company policy amid widespread backlash and controversy following a displacement incident that occurred on a flight. Four fliers were asked to deplane an overbooked flight to make room for “must-ride” employees. But when a passenger named David Dao declined to give up his seat, he was forcibly removed, sustaining several injuries in the process. The incident was caught on tape, sparking nationwide outrage and backlash towards the airline. Since then, the airline reportedly updated their policy to prevent a repeat of the incident.


However, just days after United’s statement and subsequent policy change, an engaged couple were removed from a United flight in Houston, Texas, by federal law enforcement officers. According to reports, the two were on their way to Costa Rica for their wedding, however, amid an altercation through unclear circumstances, the couple was forced to deplane.


This situation was not like that of Dao’s. According to the airline, the couple tried to sit in more expensive seats, which they had not paid for and were uncooperative with the flight crew. To the contrary, Michael Hohl and his fiancée Amber Maxwell provided a different explanation. Hohl said he and his fiancée were the last to board the plane, but when they got to their seats, they found another passenger sleeping, stretched out across the row. As a result, the couple moved to other, empty seats, a few rows up. However, the flight crew reportedly denied their request to pay extra for the “economy plus” seats and told the couple to return to their original seats. Soon after, the couple was escorted off the plane by a U.S. Marshal.


“We thought not a big deal, it’s not like we are trying to jump up into a first-class seat,” Hohl told KHOU. “We were simply in an economy row a few rows above our economy seat.”


According to KHOU, the two were rebooked on a flight the next day.

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