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Usher Denies Days Inn Claim, Says He Was Too Busy With His Girlfriend


Days after reports surfaced of Usher’s alleged Days Inn rendezvous with Quantasia Sharpton, the singer has maintained that he has not had sexual relations with that woman. Now, not only because Sharpton is not his type but also because he was too busy swooning over his now-wife, Grace Miguel.

Sources tell TMZ that Usher never went to the hotel to hook up with Sharpton, because back in 2014 he was trying to kick game to Grace, who he proposed to two months after the alleged incident. Apparently, at the time, she was his manager and the two spent all of their time together.

To further confirm his story, Usher’s crew says the November show ran late, which forced the meet-and-greet to begin after midnight. Meanwhile, Sharpton claims the two met up around midnight at the hotel. According to TMZ, Usher’s travel schedule made it even more unlikely that the singer had time to meet up with his accuser.

Who do you believe?

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  1. You keep talking about this big b!tch but what about the other 3 people who accused you? From now on I ain’t gon’ say a ni99a got Herpes, I’m gon’ say that ni99a got that Usher.

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