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Video Shows White Woman Who Called The Police On A Black Boy Was Wrong

The video shows the white woman who called the cops on a Black child for groping her was wrong.


A video has since gone viral of a white woman who became enraged after she says a Black little boy groped her bottom in a Brooklyn bodega on Wednesday (Oct. 12). In the video, you can see a family walking by the woman, and as the boy follows behind his mother it appears that his backpack grazes her behind.

“I want the cops here right now!” the woman, who identifies herself as a Flatbush resident named Teresa Klein, can be heard demanding over the phone. “The son grabbed my ass– and she decided to yell at me.” Immediately a crowd begins to form outside of the Sahara Deli in Flatbush. Embarrassed, the boy begins to cry as the crowd tries to comfort him. “Nobody wants to touch your flat a–,” one woman yells out. The woman then snaps at the crowd and says, “White lady calls the cops on black lady, I get it.”

The woman has now been dubbed Cornerstone Caroline, a nod to the recent “while Black” incidents where white people have been calling the police on Black people for doing normal activities.


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