Waka Flocka Says Black Artists Should Perform In This Year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show: “You’re Coming To The Biggest Black State In America”

Waka Flocka says Black artists should be performing in this year’s Super Bowl halftime show instead of Maroon5.

This year, the 2018 Super Bowl will be held in Atlanta, Georgia at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. TMZ Sports caught up with the Atlanta native who expressed his frustration for the NFL’s decision to turn a blind eye at popular Atlanta talent to seemingly satisfy a mainstream audience. “They need somebody from Atlanta, it’s only right,” he told TMZ Sports. 

Flocka went on to say the Black community’s influence on the NFL should make people accepting of #ColinKaepernick’s movement as well as Black culture. “You’re coming to the biggest black state in America. Why wouldn’t you let a Black artist perform and show the world that we’re progressing? That’s not cool,” he told TMZ.

Saying Maroon 5, a group that originated in Los Angeles, wouldn’t cut it, the rapper suggested artists like #Future, #Migos and himself as great options. If given the opportunity Flocka says he’d perform his hit “Hard in da Paint.” 

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