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Week 15: How Can Your Team Clinch a Spot in the 2017 Playoffs?


As we near the end of regular season, NFL teams fight to the finish, trying to clinch their spots in the playoffs. Obviously if the playoffs started today, the Dallas Cowboys would be the top seed with a first round bye.  Alongside them would-be second seed, Detroit Lions. As for the AFC, the New England Patriots, who have the same record as the Cowboys, would be the first seed as well, along side the would-be second seed, Kansas City Chiefs. However, there are still three games left until the post season so anything can happen.

Coming into Week 15, the Cowboys have already clinched their spot in the 2017 playoffs, however they are still on the hunt for the first-round bye and home field advantage during the post season. On Thursday, the Seattle Seahawks joined the Texas team with a victory over the Los Angeles Rams.

By the end of this week, a few more teams can secure their spot in the post-season. It seems, the Patriots, Chiefs and the Oakland Raiders only have to catch a W in order to make their way to the playoffs. On the other hand, one big fat L could end it all for a couple of fighting ballers.

The Cardinals were kicked out on Thursday after Russell Wilson and the Seahawks beat the Rams in a 24-3 victory. Additionally, if the New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles, San Diego Charges and Cincinnati Bengals lose today, their postseason dreams are gone. If the Carolina Panthers, who came up short in the Super Bowl after an almost perfect season, lose today, forget the Super Bowl, they won’t even be in the playoffs.

Here is what has to happen this week in order for your favorite team to clinch their spot.

Although, the Miami Dolphins beat the Jets last night in a 34-13 victory, their shot at the playoffs can easily be revoked with a Denver Broncos win over the Patriots today.

If the Cleveland Browns win, it’ll be a miracle but if the Buffalo Bills win over the winless Cleveland team, their playoff possibilities increase. However, they still need a few teams to lose in order to move up in the conference.

Moving on, if the Green Bay Packers beat the Chicago Bears, they’d have a shot at the Wild Card, only if the Washington Redskins lose, along with the Minnesota Vikings and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a chance to clinch the top spot in the AFC North with a win over the Bengals, however, they are still in the running for a wild card bid, even if the Baltimore Ravens win the division.

If the Chiefs lose to the Tennessee Titans, they can still make it to the playoffs if the Broncos take an L and the Steelers or Ravens lose or tie. But, a win would be much easier. In the meantime, the Titans can keep their eyes on the AFC South title with a win.

The Minnesota Vikings need to beat the Indianapolis Colts, to help clinch the wild card spot, but they would need the Buccs to lose in order to solidify that spot.

Earlier this week, Odell Beckham Jr. said his team will be in the Super Bowl, but first they’ve got to secure their spot in the playoffs. They can do that if his rival Josh Norman and the Redskins lose today, in addition to a loss for the Packers and the Vikings in their respective games. On the other hand, if the Lions win they solidify their spot at the top of the NFC North with a Packers loss.

The Eagles take on the Ravens this week, but their chances at anything after regular season are shot if the Atlanta Falcons and the Buccs win this week. Subsequently, if the Ravens win this week they clinch first in the AFC North if the Steelers catch an L. But, if all else fails, the Ravens will be able to battle it out against the Steelers next week.

If the Texas win, over the 2-11 Jaguars, it wouldn’t be a surprise. They would keep the lead over the division, until Week 17, if the Titans stay on their heels.

If the Falcons win, over the 1-12 San Fransisco 49ers, the team will stay ahead of the NFC South. As of right now, the Falcons and the Buccs are 8-5. But, if the Buccs lose in Dallas tonight, the Falcons can clinch a full game lead in the division.

The Oakland Raiders take on the Chargers today, if they win they will clinch their spot in the 2017 playoffs. If the Chiefs lose, they’ll also lead the AFC West. Chargers only have a chance if they win and Denver and Miami lose today.

With a Patriots win, they’ll take the AFC East for the eighth straight season, and they’ll also get a first-round bye. They play the Broncos, who are trying to grab the conference’s second wild card spot.

The Cowboys have a lot riding on this week’s game, if they win, they’ll take the NFC crown and a first round bye only if the Lions win against the Giants.

If Tampa Bay and the Falcons lose out the season, the Panthers could clinch the division title.  But if Washington wins, the Redskins make their way to the playoffs with a Buccs loss.

Who do you have winning today?

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