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Well, Since You Went From Side Chick To Main Chick, Who Is Filling Your Spot?

I don’t know who has put out this notion that the “side chicks be winning.” Like, what are they exactly winning? They are playing a position that can be easily be fulfilled by the next person.

Let’s just say that the guy does upgrade you from the side chick to his main chick. Do you think he won’t do the same thing to you? Oh let me guess, you’re different right? Well, news flash, you aren’t any different from the next side chick.

Just because he told you he left his main girl for you doesn’t really mean he truly left her. You were never in the same league with her anyway. She will always have the upper hand due to his true feelings for his girl. She will always be the one he really wants until she finds out about your ass. Then, she may just give him to you which is going to make him want her even more. So, don’t do it to yourself.

What many of us are wondering is why do you prefer to be someone’s option? Why can’t you find your own man that you can call your own? There are plenty of men that will treat you just as good without any sides affecting the relationship. Trust me, God will never send you someone else’s man.

Side chicks need to stop being a side piece and work to be someone’s main course. You deserve better, hell we all deserve better. But, if you choose to be his sidechick, remember you lose them the same way you got them.

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  1. I have been a side chick for 3 1/2 years with a baby whose 1 years old.
    When I first met the father of my second child I was happily engaged, though settling, I was ok with my relationship and all its flaws. I kept brushing the passes off and he kept coming stronger. Eventually he was showing me so much attention and my man was not so I gave in. I was first told he was going through a divorce and they were waiting to finalize it. We went on dates, I broke up with my fiance (reasons outside of the married guy). He treated me like a princess, showing me things I never experienced, giving me kindness I never felt, I was just amazed. Then wife became pregnant with their second child. He stated whenever they get into a fight she gets pregnant. Total Bummer so we called it quits for a while. He popped back up again and by this time not only are we working in the same building together, but we see eachother everyday, talk everyday, hang out outside of work EVERY SINGLE DAY, I couldn’t pull away. 2 Years later, we are on and off continuously calling it quits then decided it was final and to have one last hang out. We went bowling (he offered), drove in separate cars, and all the while im saying its just bowling, you got a man at home, FOCUS B****! He smelled so nice, looked so handsome, I tried to resist and I did. At the end of the game, he held me and stated “Wanna get a room”? My mind said hell no but my body and heart said one more time cant hurt. That night was a night I’ll never forget as that’s the night our daughter was conceived. I discovered I was pregnant a month later and told my boyfriend. I knew it wasn’t his, I was in denial. I was distant, and depressed and one day drove to work and called my boyfriend. I told him i cheated, been cheated, and got pregnant. He begged to stay, to me he was weak, I booted him out and wanted my new baby daddy in. Boy was i in for a world of hell. My pregnancy I was alone, depressed, and mad at myself for being so stupid. He didn’t even visit me in the hospital. As soon as the baby came out he was there visiting almost everyday and then informed me that his wife was pregnant again! Their third child! I wasn’t even mad. He is an amazing father to our child but still we messed around and it never stopped. He was really living the double life. I met someone new, and boy did he not like it. He stated he wanted us to give US a try and he asked me to me his girlfriend, of course I said yes with the condition of him starting his divorce. That last a month, why? The guy i dated, he wrote him on Facebook stating he wanted to give us a try and he would be getting a divorce, the guy wrote back stating we had sex and all hell broke loose. My married guy could not let it go and broke things off. That was a past issue and I knew it was just a way for him to feel better within about choosing his wife over me and our daughter. I wanted to try and fix it and went to the house he was residing in, no one was home. I called, calls went to voicemail. I assumed maybe he worked late and went to his job, not there. I went back to his house and again no one there. I did not want to do this but I drove to him and his wife’s house and guess who was there? HIM! I called over and over and walked to the door, heart pounding out my chest, knees feeling like noodles. I bang on the door, and someone answers and then closes it back. I see him in there. I knock again and guess who comes out? His wife. Calm but then punched me in the face and i placed her in a head lock. Married guy came out and held me back for her as she continued to reach for me. I kicked her to get her off me and slightly hit her stomach. She broke my phone, glasses, and threw me down the stairs leading to their door. I was distraught and heart broken We are now 3 1/2 years in and I decided to officially detach myself away. I stopped answering the phone, calling him everyday and just all around being a parent and nothing else. I met someone new and boy was in my happy place. Married guy came back and brought his two best friends! He poured out his love for me with tears included stating he was ready to make the necessary steps to not loose me and to give him another chance. I said fine ok but do not fuck this up. I broke the news to the guy i was so happy with and he was very angry and hurt. He lives with me and it has now been 2 weeks present day. He is moving out. Why? Wife is claiming to be pregnant, he states he loves 2 women and can not control his self or emotions. So i called it quits and stated I can not do this anymore. I am currently at work writing this as I know it will raise some eyebrows. I am stupid, naive, and a fool in love. A part of me hates him and part of me loves him dearly. But I love him enough, myself, and kids to say I can not be apart of this anymore.

  2. It’s always the case. If you get a promotion one needs to fill the position you left vacant.


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