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Well, Since You Went From Side Chick To Main Chick, Who Is Filling Your Spot?

I don’t know who has put out this notion that the “side chicks be winning.” Like, what are they exactly winning? They are playing a position that can be easily be fulfilled by the next person.

Let’s just say that the guy does upgrade you from the side chick to his main chick. Do you think he won’t do the same thing to you? Oh let me guess, you’re different right? Well, news flash, you aren’t any different from the next side chick.

Just because he told you he left his main girl for you doesn’t really mean he truly left her. You were never in the same league with her anyway. She will always have the upper hand due to his true feelings for his girl. She will always be the one he really wants until she finds out about your ass. Then, she may just give him to you which is going to make him want her even more. So, don’t do it to yourself.

What many of us are wondering is why do you prefer to be someone’s option? Why can’t you find your own man that you can call your own? There are plenty of men that will treat you just as good without any sides affecting the relationship. Trust me, God will never send you someone else’s man.

Side chicks need to stop being a side piece and work to be someone’s main course. You deserve better, hell we all deserve better. But, if you choose to be his sidechick, remember you lose them the same way you got them.

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