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Wendy Williams’ New Boo Is A 27-Year-Old “Very Sexy Man”

Wendy Williams’ new boo is reportedly a convicted felon. But, according to the host, he’s also a “very sexy man.”

Williams is back on the dating scene, and it looks like she’s got a new boo in the midst of her traumatic separation from her ex-husband Kevin Hunter. Williams filed for divorce from Hunter back in April after 22 years of marriage following a slew of cheating rumors.

But the drama hasn’t stopped her happiness as she’s moved on to a new guy who allegedly is a convicted felon of a violent crime, according to Bossip. Last week, Williams and the mystery man were caught by paparazzi while on a drive. The man didn’t speak, but she implied the two were in a relationship via social media and mentioned her new lover is both very sexy and young enough to be her son.

Bossip reports, the man’s name is #MarcTomblin, 27, who according to his LinkedIn page is a blogger and financial investor. But in addition to his professional portfolio, his personal resume includes a conviction for robbery with a dangerous weapon (conspiracy) and breaking and entering back in 2014.  Tomblin, who is a native of North Carolina, was reportedly convicted the year before for the crimes, which he allegedly committed within days of each other, public records show.

Bossip reports Tomblin served a minimum of 15 months for the two convictions, as well as probation.

Wendy Williams Convicted Felon
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