What It’s Like To Be A Escort/Madam To The Stars

Cosmopolitan Magazine did an interview with 38 year Jami Rodman, a madam for some of the richest men in the world. Rodman grew up a nice Christian girl, got married, then was divorced at 22 years old. She then became a stripper, which she admits to not being very good at, before going on “paid dates” in Las Vegas. She soon became a private escort in Las Vegas, going by the name Haley Heston. 

In Las Vegas there are several different ways you can work as an escort. You can be an independent, or you can work through VIP hosts or casino hosts,” she explains.
What they do is they’ll have clients come into town or have clients gambling on the table, and they need girls to join them. The VIP host acts as a broker. It is illegal, but we all know what happens in Vegas. The casino hosts are not employed through the casino or the hotel; they’re independent contractors. Then there are call agencies, which are the “girls direct to you” 1-800 numbers.”

Rodman breaks down how the VIP host service works, saying that they’re not very good for long-term business because “the girl negotiates a price for each act. She comes in the room and wants at least $150 because that’s the agency fee, and then everything that happens on top of that she splits with the agency.”

Rodman worked as an escort for three years then moved on to having sugar daddies for a few years. She got into a serious relationship, which motivated her to get out of the business and begin selling art. When the recession hit, however, people weren’t buying art like they used to, so she went back to escort work, but this time with a twist.  

Rodman started her own high-end escort agency and ran it for three years before she and her high profile clientele got exposed on The Smoking Gun. She explains the differences between being a madams and a pimp. “A pimp normally controls all aspects of the girl’s life. When a girl comes to him, she’s sometimes working at a strip club or is a runaway or is a new girl who is friends with one of his current prospects. He’ll groom her into being an escort. [Pimps] do [prey on them]. They put her up in their house so they can control her. Some of them use drugs to make the [girls] more dependent on them. They all have different ways of grooming them.”  Madams are different, on the other hand.  “In Vegas, a lot of the women who madams work with are a lot more established in their personal lives. Maybe they have a career, a family, or they have children. A lot of them have been in magazines like Playboy or Maxim. They’re sort of established in their home life and the madam acts as a dating mechanism. [The escort] will look to the madam to do the screening, and to handle the marketing and promotion. A lot of them don’t want their face out there or they can’t risk the exposure of being an escort, so the madam will broker dates. A lot of the clients are long-term regulars, so the madam knows the client very well and she knows the escorts very well, and she tries to match up personalities and expectations.”

Men who use madams tend to be more high profile and require a high level of discretion due to their careers or families. 

Rodman describes the up and downside to being an escort.  “At the top of my game when I was escorting, I easily made $3,000 a day. That would be about three clients, sometimes one, sometimes four, but by the time I got to the last guy, I couldn’t remember the name of the first. That’s when it started to really feel like work and less like a fun time. Now I know that some women see many more clients per day — the trafficked ones commonly see 30 guys a day. So it’s hard for me to complain. On the other side of it, there were clients who hired escorts because they had a vendetta against women and wanted to take out their anger. He knew she would be in a vulnerable position because he could write a bad review. The review boards, although they’re a great way to increase business, also put escorts at a disadvantage. There really isn’t a way for an escort to give her side of the story.

To read the rest, visit Cosmopolitan.com

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