What You Should REALLY Be Doing This Weekend—5 Things

I don’t expect everyone to agree with me but there is an open secret that celebrities do not party on Fri, Saturday with the regular people, at least not locally. If they do, it’s a walk-through, and their on their way to the VIP exclusive event that nobody (but perhaps, Baller Alert) knows about usually at a private unnamed establishment or residence. In the meantime….

Check this out:

1. Best Night To Meet A Baller—Tues, Thurs, Sun nights. Spend your weekends recuperating. You work so you can’t go out during the week? Quit your job or invest in Red Bull. Remember, you have to be committed to this life. Why go out during the week? Because that’s when the regular boys and girls are sleeping to get ready for the grind the next day. The 9-5er is safely out of your way because you don’t have time for mistaken identities. You need a room full of opportunity. You, beautiful, should be at VIP. See you Tuesday night!

2. Research—Okay, Spring is coming up. Do you have your vacations planned for the year? Where are you going? Skip Cancun, go for Cabo, where they hang. Did you check the NBA/NFL/MLB schedule? Where are they staying? Who’s in town next week? What are you wearing? When’s the next conference, game, concert? What city? Send emails. Get in touch with publicists for invitations to parties. (Hint, hint Kentucky Derby time is almost here). Disguise yourself. Never give away your real motives.

3. Sleep—You’ve spent all week running behind him. He was in town, you got it in, he left. Get your beauty sleep. Remember, it is your only asset! Besides, the more you sleep, the less you eat. Keep that body tight!

4. Go Out—If you must venture amongst the bridge and tunnel folks, hit a low-profile spot like a upscale hotel bar. Choose hotel only after researching where he or his type stays. Never go blindly and take a chance. Time is too precious. Have drinks alone or with a friend. You’ll find him leaving, he’ll ask you what’s up. Look good. I do stress being ALONE.

5. Shave—Devote at least three hours to maintaining your body, every weekend. Keep that body silky smooth and hair free. He may call next week and it’d be a shame (and costly) if he finds you with bags under your eyes and prickly legs.

So, you see when you really look at it, there’s too much to do on the weekends. How can you find time to hit the local joint to see what happens? You gotta get ready for the next week until you get him. Remember, you want to eventually land him.

Get ’em, girl!

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