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White Couple, Who Identifies As Black, Says Doctors Have Told Them Their Babies Will Be Black

Back in 2017, white glamour model, Martina Big, made headlines for her size 32 S breast and black skin, which she obtained through tanning injections, using Melanotan. One year later, she traveled to Kenya to be baptized as black, as she claimed local clergyman even declared her to be a “true African woman.”

But now, two years after her big switch, Big is ready to start a family, and according to Daily Mail, she is convinced she can procreate with her equally white husband to produce black babies. 

On Monday, the 30-year-old glamour model and her husband, Michael Eurwen, 31, appeared on This Morning to discuss their controversial journey, explain the reason behind their changes and to talk their impossible production.

“I now identify as 100%, I’m really sure,” Big said of identifying as a black woman. “I changed from white to black but the problem is, it’s hard – I completely feel like I’m black, but it’s really hard to explain to people who are not involved.” 

As she continued, she opened up about criticisms about her pale skin and how it sparked her interest in changing the color. 

“When I go outside now, I’m getting in touch with the dark people more easier,” she added, as she explained that she’s been able to learn more about African history and culture from her 2018 seven-week trip to Kenya. “When I compare to my African friends, I have more in common.” 

From there, the hosts quickly shifted to the couple’s plans for black babies.

“Yep, they said they will be black,” Big said, in response to Holly’s inquiry about whether doctor’s had informed the two that their children will be black. “We also discussed about breast feeding and if it is safe for me to have a baby” after so many surgeries. 

“Of course – it will be a mix of me and Michael,” Big said. “But I’m pretty sure it will be black, but if it is milk chocolate or a little bit lighter it doesn’t matter.”

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