White Man Harasses Macy’s Employees For Speaking Arabic, “Hey I’m In America, I Want People To Speak English”

With so many viral videos of white people harassing minorities, and most ending with termination of employment and/or criminal charges, you would think these issues would be far and few in between. And during the holidays! On Christmas Eve, a white man at a #Macys location harassed two employees for speaking to each other in Arabic, and the retailer is currently in the process of investigating the confrontation.

The viral video posted to #Twitter by a user named Ricky, featured the caption, “This man made two women cry after publicly humiliating them. Please help me find this awful guy’s information.” In the clip, a visibly upset man is exchanging words with a fellow customer who is defending the store employees. He became so offensive, causing a scene that a group of shoppers gathered to confront him.

A customer tells the man, “Leave her alone…You’re disrespecting her, and you’re making her feel bad and are saying bad words,” before addressing the small crowd, “He’s disrespecting the lady. Am I right?”

People in the crowd can be heard supporting her statement. Another customer steps in and asks, “Is this a program or some kind of TV show going on right now? Because I can’t believe you’re going to sit here and talk to somebody because you don’t understand them…They were talking to each other, right? Were they talking to you?”

Then the guys shouts, “Wow. What a bunch of Democrats!” He continued, “Hey, I’m in America, I want people to speak English…all I asked was for her to speak English…all the Arabs, all you Arabs and Democrats. Go back to where you came from.”

What would you have done in this situation?


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