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White Woman Arrested After Threatening Black Cop: ‘My KKK Friends Will Burn Your Family’  

It’s another day in the delusional land of White Privilege.

A Florida woman had some big talk when going up against a police officer. Too bad for her, all that tough energy landed her in cuffs.

Buzzfeed detailed an incident where Officer Brandon King was responding to a disturbance call in DeLand last week. As he approached the area, Julie Edwards was trying to make her way out. The smell of alcohol on her breath caught his attention as he stopped her. She was then ordered to take a breathalyzer and sobriety test, which she refused while trying to stumble away. Resisting got her tossed in the Volusia County cruiser, and Edwards did not like that one bit. 

Officer King’s body camera caught her inebriated tongue lashing of threats. The Sheriff’s Office shared the 53-year-old’s tirade on Twitter. Her anger reached the point of saying, “You f*cked with the wrong white people.”

Comments of not “a damn thing wrong with burning a cross in your yard,” and how “n****s should’ve never been let out of slavery,”‘ just scratched the surface of the grave Edwards dug for herself.

“My KKK friends will burn your family. You should never be here in the first place. You ever been whipped on a whipping post,” were the exact words spewed at the authoritative figure.

That was it for the African American cop. He filed more charges against her, and she is now facing a charge for making threats against a law enforcement officer. However, she has since bonded out.

Many are praising Officer King for his professionalism. 

Sheriff Mike Chitwood tweeted, “Kudos to Deputy King for his calm response to all the racist garbage this KKK enthusiast could throw at him. Great job Deputy & thank you to everyone condemning the hate in this video!”

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