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White Woman Under Fire After Expecting A Watered-Down Slave Story On A Plantation Visit

Written by @saywooord

A white couple took a trip to a Southern plantation with expectations of beautiful views and a light, easy trip. Their plantation of choice, McLeod Plantation in Charleston, S.C.

However, the couple received what most people would expect, a history lesson on slavery and actual facts about the plantation, as gruesome and disturbing as they come. This, however, offended the woman, forcing her to leave an embarrassing review of her experience.

“My husband and I were extremely disappointed in this tour,” the woman wrote. “We didn’t come to hear a lecture on how the white people treated slaves, we came to get this history of a southern plantation and get a tour of the house and the grounds.”

“The tour guide was so radical about slave treatment we felt we were being lectured and bashed about slavery,” the woman continued. “My ancestors were from Sicily, never owned slaves, and my husbands were German, and none of his ever owned slaves. I am by far not racist or against all Americcans having equal rights but this was my vacation and now we are crossing all planation tours off our list, it was just not what we expected. I’ll go back to  Louisiana and see some real planations that are so much more enjoyable to tour.”

Twitter user and former congressional candidate Saira Rao found the white woman’s review and proceeded to share her findings, causing Twitter users to go into an uproar as most were completely baffled by the woman’s response to one of the most tragic historical moments in America.

The review, along with others that were dug up, left a sour taste in many people’s mouths as slavery was no walk in the park, so why would anyone expect anything less from a tour of the plantation in which many lost their lives to maintain. 


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