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“When Will You Step Up and Be In Your Child’s Life; I Didn’t Make Him/Her By Myself”

There are many touchy subjects that will cause a frenzy between men and women. One of those subjects are children and the support that’s needed from both parents. A few weeks ago, we discussed how some women hold grudges with their child’s father due to the relationship ending. The anger and frustration that they have with the father prevents them from having or building a relationship with someone who wants to be in the child’s life.


Aside from the fathers that want to be in their child’s life, you have some that are the complete opposite. For whatever reason they may have, it is never a good enough reason for a child to be without a mother or father. Children are such a blessing and to miss out something special is beyond me. Regardless of how you feel about the other parent, think about how you felt when you made the baby, well if you were in a relationship.


Most of the time, people show you who they are from the beginning. They don’t just wake up and begin their trifling ways. Trust there were signs but you chose to ignore them. No matter what the situations or circumstances, ladies and gents you have to step up and be the parent your child needs. The worst thing your child needs to experience is the lack of support and guidance from the parent but then give it to another child that comes later. If you cannot step up and be the parent that your child needs, then stop producing children that you are going later neglect.


No need to address just the fathers because there are some mothers who chose not to be in their child’s life. Parents have to step up and be the parent your child needs. They did not ask to be here and neither did they ask to be neglected. Be an adult and put the petty differences aside. No one deserves the responsibility alone. It is more than financially but also physically and emotionally. When children come along, there is no more “I” but “we.”

The change begins with both parents. Lets forget about yesterday and start with today!

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