Woman Awarded $150,000 In Child Support After 50 Years

Toni Anderson is proof that it’s never too late to get what you’re owed.

The San Diego woman is ready to collect her earnings of $150,000 in back child support from ex-husband, Don Lenhart. A judge sided with Anderson, who raised their daughter on her own after Lenhert disappeared to Canada.

She was initially granted monthly payments of $210, then $160 until their daughter, Lane, was 18-years-old back in 1971. However, when Lenhert’s checks bounced, he followed by fleeing the country with a girlfriend, leaving his daughter to raise herself as her mom worked non-stop. After retiring 50 years later, Anderson looked up her ex and found that he’d been living the good life with a family of his own. 

Seeing his beautiful house and boat struck a motion that brought her to the courts to file for the money she was owed all those years ago. What came as a surprise is that unpaid child support follows a 10% interest rate. That’s how Lenhert went from owing $30,000 to five times that amount!

Surprisingly, Lenhert was a good sport about everything when he got served. He admitted he was happy to give his ex-wife the money she deserved and “wishes her only the best in the future.”

Toni Anderson Gets Child Support
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