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Woman Files Lawsuit Against Amar’e Stoudemire Alleging He Is The Father of Her Baby



Amar’e Stoudemire has just been hit with a lawsuit that claims he is the father of a little girl named Zoe Renee.


According to the Daily Mail, Quynn Lovett, 36, is demanding permanent child support and full custody of her little girl, after a judge officially declares that the baller is in fact the father of 1-year-old baby Zoe. Although Stoudemire has admitted that he is aware of the baby and that he may actually be the father, he called the lawsuit “frivolous,” adding that he’s been paying Lovett a monthly $4,333 stipend for the baby, in addition to  $22,500 in legal fees.


However, Lovett, who describes herself as a “stay-at-home mother” wants more. In her lawsuit, Lovett claims Stoudemire has been absent in the child’s life. She also complains that the baller hasn’t coughed up any money for her maternity bills, which have totaled to about $11,000.

On the other hand, Stoudemire says he established regular child support payments on Nov. 1, 2016, after Lovett sued him in Massachusetts. Although the case was dismissed four months later, Lovett filed another suit in Florida one month later.


In the meantime, details of Stoudemire’s affair with Lovett have yet to be released, but their relationship is said to have occurred during his recent stint in Miami. Stoudemire has been married since 2012 to the mother of his four children.

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  1. She ain’t sh!t. You know you was having a baby and you couldn’t get health insurance? You getting $4,300 a month you can’t put a $1,000 a month to the side to pay the bill? Your basically going to get $930,000 over the next 18 years so take the money and shut up. You had a baby by a married man and you don’t have a job, you a trash a$$ b!tch point blank period.

    • Damn you went in, lol. However, I agree with you. Hopefully, her greed does not backfire on her and he gets full custody of his child!

    • Look up the case. Public record. Employed and didn’t ask for more. That nigga told over half of Miami he was separated. ?

      • Don’t matter what he said. Why did you have a baby by a ni99a you just met and you you 36 years old? This was a money grab plain and simple. Stop trying to take up for a th0t.

  2. Concerned Citizen

    Why aren’t you guys up on your facts. She’s real thirsty. Her son is with chris Duhon. Do the research.

    • Her son isn’t by him. Looks like you did some digging or lying for attention. You know you can be traced by your IP right ?

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