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Woman Gives Her Intersex Dog Gender Reassignment Surgery


In recent years, the world has become more conscious of an individual’s sexual preference and orientation. Although the political climate has been a constant attack on the LGBTQ community, many have been open to learning more about the things they may not understand, instead of simply denouncing one’s way of life.

In an article published by the Guardian, a woman opened a discussion about similar issues among household pets.

Back in 2015, a woman picked up a new dog nearly a decade after her family pet passed away from cancer. They chose a tiny female dog and named her Molly.

At about three months old, Molly began taking walks outside and that is when the couple realized there was something different in their puppy, she raised her leg to pee.

The couple took Molly to a vet, where the doctor revealed that the dog could be a hermaphrodite or an intersex dog. Although Molly’s condition could be corrected, she would have to wait until she was older and stronger. In the meantime, however, Molly acted more like a male dog, mounting cushions and toys, but the appendage between her legs made her uncomfortable and unhappy.

Six months later, the woman took Molly back to the vet where the doctors revealed Molly was a male pseudohermaphrodite. She had a small vestigial penis inside what her owner said looked like a female vulva and testicles inside her abdomen that hadn’t dropped. According to reports, nearly 6,800 dogs are born with this condition, but while some will not require surgery there’s a possibility of complications with old age. So the only option would be to put the dog to sleep or give the dog the operation.

The woman decided to proceed with the operation.

The doctor removed the small penis and testicles, which were reportedly at risk of becoming cancerous, and he created an opening for the urethra so Molly could pee comfortably.

After recovery, Molly became a much happier dog, thanks to her “gender reassignment surgery,” so her owner says.

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  1. How horrendous that the only other option was to murder true dog. Sick.

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