Women Enjoy Strip Clubs Too

Strip Clubs


There is this a common misconception that the strip club is only for men; that the only gender that can find gratification there are males. To be quite honest, that is far from the truth. Oddly enough, strip clubs that feature women are quite entertaining for us women. (FYI: I hate male strip clubs.)

Admitting I have frequented strip clubs may be taboo, but I’m honest. I actually go for the craziness that transpires in strip clubs plus I learn a few tricks for my mister (when I actually get one).

When I’m in Houston, I hit Karma with DJ Eric. I’m there to see the dudes literally war with other dudes. You see, the dancers are just props. Strip clubs are ego driven institutions where men with (and some without ) money have egotistical battles. Men will throw thousands of dollars for what appears to be the sake of pride and I’m there to watch as ego, coupled with lust, overpowers financial smarts. And no I don’t knock the women’s hustle or pocket watch. I’m simply there for the testosterone show that leaves the women winning.


No woman wants their man lusting after another woman, at least I don’t. So why not learn to do what the dancers do. I was blessed with some azz. Twerking, making it clap- overrated. I can give a “round of applause” at any given moment, but learning the art of seduction was/is my mission. Being sexy without saying or doing too much has always intrigued me. Strippers have this down to a science.


Plus who doesn’t like a good show. Some girls are really urban acrobats. Besides if all else fails, there is something about strip club steaks and wings that are magnificent.

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