Year In Review: Ballerific Women of 2016

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2016 could not come to a close without Baller Alert honoring the women making strides in their fields for the betterment of humanity. Their positive impact through their various endeavors has contributed intangibly to society. Whether it be encouraging a grateful life, advocating for better health, quietly demonstrating power and persistence, or blazing a trail in modern medicine, these women have embodied the true definition of being Ballerific and continue to amaze us. Listed in no particular order are 2016’s Ballerific Women.



Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green:

This phenomenal woman belongs to the prestigious group of fewer than 100 black female physicists. She received a $1.1 million dollar grant to continue her work in the fight against cancer. Dr. Green has a patent -pending technology where she uses nano particles activated by lasers to treat cancer. Her technology pinpoints treatment to the cancer cells only, leaving the healthy cells free of harm.



Stephanie Lampkin:

Creator of the Blendoor App, Lampkin has seamlessly created a platform that eradicates possible biases potential employees may face when seeking employment. By removing gender and ethnicity from the employment equation, users are given the opportunity to select the best candidates based on what really matters, their skill set.




Issa Rae:

2016 was a break-out year for Rae. The super talented creative content producer has had incredible success. With the addition of the hit show to, “Insecure”, to her astonishing resume, Rae demonstrated that it is very possible to conquer your dreams. Author, writer, director, producer , actress, there is nothing this Ballerific woman can not do.




Devin “Devi Dev” Brown:

Brown has been blazing a path of her own since she entered the entertainment industry. She is currently the music director of 93.7 The Beat (HTX) and simultaneously headlines her daily show. The avid ‘Pac enthusiast is a firm believer in positive living. As a meditation teacher and CEO of Karma Bliss, Brown continues to spread positivity through conscious and centered living. Cultivating a culture of hard work and persistence, Brown blesses others daily with words of encouragement and motivation.




A list of epic women can not be complete without including the Queen of the Beyhive. Ms. Carter is not only an incredible performer, but her philanthropic endeavors are just as astounding.





Karen Civil:

Media Maven, social influencer,  tastemaker. There are so many facets that the amazing Civil encompasses. She is responsible for the brands of some of our favor acts as well as being a key factor in Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The Haitian beauty works just as hard in the community as she does sitting along execs. Ask the people of Haiti.



Michelle Obama:

The First Lady Of The United States is beauty, brains and class wrapped in one. Her passion about the health of the next generation is remarkable. Instead of taking a back seat to her husband, the FLOTUS is using her platform to bring change.





Oprah Winfrey:

Oprah is the quintessential example of following your dreams. The billionaire media mogul has demonstrated what persistence looks like. As the owner of OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network), Winfrey offers alternative programming that digs deeper at the core level. Winfrey also relentlessly gives backs through various scholarship opportunities and other philanthropic efforts.



Kamala Harris:

As a servant of Justice, Ms. Harris served the city of San Francisco as a District Attorney. She recently became the 32nd attorney general for the state.





Loretta Lynch:

Lynch is the 83rd Attorney General for the United States. She currently holds this position. She previously served as the the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. She personifies greatness.
The list could go on, but these are just a few Ballerific Women. Let’s toast to feminine power and positivity.
-Niko Rose


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