YG’s New Video Imagines The Effects of Snitchin’ During Slavery

Last weekend, YG took to Coachella to perform his hits, pay tribute to his late friend, Nipsey Hussle, and debut his brand new song, “Stop Snitchin,” from his forthcoming album, “4REAL 4 REAL.” During his set, the West Coast rapper performed the new song in front of a picture of Tekashi69, amid the Brooklyn rapper’s decision to cooperate with officials in his RICO case with members of the Nine Trey Blood Gang. 

Since then, YG has released the visual to his new track, and while the lyrics reflect the details of Tekashi 6ix9ine’s case, the video reimagines slavery and explores a failed escape after the plan is blown up, thanks to a snitch. 

“You got fear in your heart, so you cooperate, I can’t see how b*tch niggas operate,” YG rapped, adding, “You got caught up with some sh*t/With your best friend and your clique/ Y’all got caught hitting a lick/Everybody went down cause you snitched.” 

The video opens with the words, “F*** Slavery,” as it fades to a skit, in which a family of slaves are discussing their plan to escape. However, as YG explains the decision, one is hesitant. 

“Either we gon’ run together or we gon’ stand and fight together,” a slave responded, as YG condemns the hesitation. “You been a slave for so fucking long, I don’t understand how you sitting here talking about potatoes and soup.” 

Against his will, the hesitant slave is escorted out of the room to start the journey to freedom. Throughout the video, as YG raps his lyrics, the video explores the night of the escape. As the slaves attack the slave master and flee, the hesitant slave, Henry, stays behind to ask for forgiveness for his actions. The owners then convince him to tell on his family members, under the pretense that he will be let free. 

However, once the owners captured the slaves that escaped, the snitch was still beaten by the owners, who later revealed themselves to be fellow slaves.“Karma is a bitch, and she gon’ get you, nigga, just like that.”

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