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Young M.A. Writes and Directs Short Film for PornHub

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Brooklyn rapper, Young MA has made her directorial debut for a short lesbian film with the world’s leading free porn site, PornHub. The storyline follows a young lady who is sent away to a mysterious mansion as her birthday gift. The leading actress wanders room to room blindfolded, experiencing different forms of lesbian sex and foreplay. Young M.A. describes the film as “a surprise within a surprise.”

When PornHub approached the 3x platinum rapper, she looked forward to controlling how everything would play out between the women and the scenes.

“I was cool with it as long as it wasn’t like…alright we just need you involved, but we’re going to do this,” Young M.A. told PornHub producers.
Although the female rapper’s sexuality is no secret, her goal was to create sensual lesbian sex scenes authentic to her tastes.

“Similar to how I approach songwriting, I came into this process with a certain vision that I wanted to replicate. I wanted it to be authentic and genuine to who I am. I’m confident that the final product is something everyone can enjoy,” she said.



The short film titled “The Gift” is now available as a free premium video on PornHub that auto-fills in your web browser whenever you type the letter P.

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