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Young Thug Owes State Of Georgia $175,000 In Unpaid Taxes

Rapper Young Thug may be celebrating the release of his new album, ’So Much Fun,’ which debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts. However, he’s also faced a slew of legal issues that he might not be able to avoid much longer.

According to reports, the Georgia Department of Revenue filed a tax lien against the rapper for $16,451.27 owed from the 2014 tax year and $145,794.03 from 2015. Over the years, the total debt has incurred thousands of additional dollars in penalties and interest. A failure to resolve the debt timely will result in the seizure of his property and other assets.

It seems as if Thug is having a bit of a lucky streak as earlier this year though, as a judge dismissed drug charges from a traffic stop in 2017, which resulted in 8 felony charges including possession of a firearm and intent to distribute meth, weed, and hydrocodone. The ruling stated, “The prosecution failed to present credible evidence that this vehicle was violating the law when it was stopped by law enforcement.” Ironically, Thug was also sued for $365,000 over unpaid charges for jewelry received from an Atlanta jewelry store, Icebox. However, these charges were also dismissed. 

Young Thug vs Taxes

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