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You’re Not Marriage Material If… 7 Reasons Why You May Not Be Ready For Marriage

Are all of your friends getting married and for some reason you can’t seem to find Mr. Right? Does it seem like every man you get seems to run for the hills when the subject of marriage is brought up? It may be that you’re just not marriage material. Although many women want to get married, it’s possible that some may not be marriage material. Here are 7 reasons why.

You’re Not Marriage Material If…

You refuse to grow up– You’re 25 and you act like you’re 15. Every time things don’t go your way you become bratty. You run back to Mom and Dad every time you need help rather than using your own problem-solving skills. Men aren’t looking to adopt a kid when they get with you so you’re likely scaring them away.


You don’t even attempt to cook or clean– I know we want equal rights and we are far past the days of a woman’s place is in the kitchen but it’s still imperative that we know how to cook and clean. If your man is doing his best to provide for the home there’s no reason we can’t take care of a few of the homemaker duties. If you don’t know how to cook, pick up a recipe book and practice following directions. You don’t have to cook every day but that home cooked meal, once or twice a week, is sure to impress. If you don’t like to clean, work on keeping the home clean so you don’t have to.


You have a bad reputation– People talk and gossip flies. If your dirty past finds it’s way into your future this could be the reason men are less than likely to put a ring on it. The best thing you can do in this situation is to be open and upfront from the beginning. As long as you’ve laid the cards on the table no one else can come back and tell your mate anything different. If you base your relationship on honesty he’ll trust you and you’ll likely be able to win him over. You may have to hang up your groupie heels and delete every Baller from your phone, but it’ll be worth it in the end. 


You are jealous and insecure– If you can’t trust him you’re only going to drive him away. Men will only think one of two things when they deal with a jealous woman. They either think you are crazy and that they’ll have to subject themselves to lie detector tests, genital sniffings and a thorough comb through of their car OR they think that you may be up to no good and it’s your conscious acting up. No man wants his wife to be his parole officer nor does he want to be grilled every time he says he’s going to chill with his boys. Give that man some air and work on yourself. If one man hurt you, it doesn’t mean they all will.


You talk but you don’t listen– Listening is by far the easiest and most efficient way to know what someone wants from you, what they’re going through and how to fix it. If you never listen you show that you’re selfish and not considerate of what someone else may have to say. These aren’t the type of characteristics men look for in a life partner. Every now and then a man will give you key clues that maybe he just wants his ego stroked a little bit. Do it, he’s your husband, why not? At times when it isn’t crucial for you to be right, when it’s not life or death, just let him have it.


You’re always listening to your girls– Your homegirls stay in your ear telling you not to listen to him, he’s lying, he’s cheating, he’ll never marry you, yet they are single. There always seems to be a battle between the homegirl and the husband and a man will decide early on how much of it he will take. Be careful not to let your friends influence all of your decisions when it comes to your future mate. They may not always be right.


You’re either afraid of commitment or you keep pressuring him into it– Men aren’t the type who like their women to be extreme. They fear the woman who’s afraid of commitment and even more they fear the woman who wants to get married like her life depended on it. We as women should learn to keep our cool. Don’t be afraid to play it neutral until we are certain that we surely feel one way or another. Coming into a relationship telling a man you want to get married and have kids is overbearing. Be careful the image you paint in his head.


I’m sure men have a lot more reasons they aren’t tying the knot. I asked some of my male friends and they gave reasons ranging everywhere from how much time a woman spends in the club to how much sex they’re having.  


What are some reasons you think some unmarried women remain unmarried?

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