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Did Z-Ro Record A Song About Beating Just Brittany?

Things may not look good for Z-Ro now that TMZ has gotten their hands on a song he allegedly recorded and sent Just Brittany one month after he assaulted her.


The incident occurred in April, however, Brittany did not report the assault until July. She also reportedly has 21-minute cell phone footage to corroborate her claims. Z-Ro claims Just Brittany is lying about the incident and using it as a PR stunt for the VH1 reality show she stars in. He also cites photos of Just Brittany hanging out with friends just hours after the alleged assault would have taken place.


Now, TMZ has obtained a newly recorded track by Z-Ro which sources close to Just Brittany say is a confession of his wrongdoing.


In the song titled “Sorry”, Z-Ro says,   “I’m sorry, baby; I’m sorry, baby // I just can’t be your ho // I can’t believe I put my hands on you, I ain’t wanna do it, I was trying to blow 20 grand on you // the f*** is man gon’ do with all this ungratefulness and hatefulness from the people I deal with and the woman I chill with.”


Do you think this track is an admission of guilt?

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