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Zsa Zsa Gabor’s Ex House Boy Dishes On Sibling Rivalry With Sister Eva

Zsa Zsa Gabor’s former house boy is spilling tea on the sibling rivalry that brewed between Zsa Zsa and her fellow actress/socialite sis, Eva Gabor. According to Aaron Tonken, who lived in Gabor’s guest house as a house boy for a year in the late 90s, the sisters were very competitive, so competitive that Zsa Zsa wouldn’t give her sis any freebies from her skin care line.
“I remember dropping off Zsa Zsa’s face cream, and she specifically instructed not to leave it [with Eva] unless she wrote a check for $5.25. And when I would return, the first thing she would say to me is, ‘Who do you think is more beautiful?’ ” Tonken told us. “Eva was always kind, but Zsa Zsa was verbally abusive. I remember always thinking I was working for the wrong sister. Zsa Zsa was only nice to people who met her on the outside briefly,” he said.


Tonken was fired by Zsa Zsa and her husband after working for them for a year. Then, in 2004 Tonken went to prison for defrauding charity gala donors. However, sketchy past aside, it didn’t stop him from spilling tea, especially about Zsa Zsa’s marriage.


“They had separate lives,” Tonken said. “He drove a beat-up Buick station wagon and she drove a Bentley. They slept in separate beds. It was not a normal relationship.”



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