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Atlanta Falcons Sign Brian Banks

This is a heartwarming story! Once an NFL hopeful that spent 5 years of his life behind bars after falsely being accused of rape is now free and no longer a “hopeful”. The 27-year-old linebacker will be joining the Atlanta Falcons, finally getting that well deserved second chance. Via ESPN The …

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Democratic National Convention Postponed, Celebs Donate Millions To Food Banks, SheaMoisture Donates $1 Million To Black-Owned Businesses And More

Shea Moisture

The Democratic National Convention is postponed, Georgia issues a shelter-in-place order, #SheaMoisture donates $1 million to Black-owned businesses and more. Baller Alert is back to give you all the updates on the coronavirus pandemic. There are currently 1,074,253 cases in the world, 56,987 coronavirus-related deaths, and 226,054 people have recovered …

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Bank of America Forced to Pay Millions After “Double-Dipping” on Overdraft Fees, Opening Fraudulent Customer Accounts and Withholding Reward Bonuses from Credit Card Holders

Bank of America Forced to Pay Millions After "Double-Dipping" on Overdraft Fees

It be your own bank.  Bank of America will pay up big time after the company did some sketchy bank business. BofA is forced to reimburse customers more than $100 million and pay $150 million in fines for “double-dipping” on overdraft fees, withholding reward bonuses on credit cards, and opening …

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Investigators Reportedly Want to Exhume the Body of Alex Murdaugh’s Housekeeper Who Died From Alleged “Slip and Fall”

Investigators Reportedy Want to Exhume the Body of Alex Murdaugh's Housekeeper Who Died From Alleged "Slip and Fall"

Following the life sentencing of disgraced attorney Alex Murdaugh, South Carolina investigators are looking into the mysterious “slip and fall” death of the family’s housekeeper in 2018. Police said there had been some suspicion surrounding the death of the housekeeper, Gloria Satterfield, 57,  after she allegedly slipped and fell over …

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Ladies, Know Your Rights. No Means NO!

Two University of Texas football players were featured in a recent blog post amid sexual assault charges. The internet went wild of the common, yet unfortunate news brief or college athletes engaging in presumably non-consensual sexual activity, according to the news reports. The football players have already been suspended by the Longhorn’s …

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