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Donald Trump Jr. Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Donald Trump Jr

Donald Trump Jr. has tested positive for Coronavirus.  They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to behavior, but it must apply to luck as well. On Friday, Donald Trump Jr.’s personal spokesperson announced the news, “Don tested positive at the start of the week …

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Twitter Restricts Donald Trump Jr.’s Account For 12 Hours After He Posted A Video Claiming Masks Are Unnecessary and Hydroxychloroquine Is A Cure For COVID-19

Don Jr. Is COncerned

Donald Trump Jr. recently retweeted a viral video, published by right-wing media outlet Breitbart, which featured a group of “doctors,” claiming that masks are not needed, and hydroxychloroquine is a cure for Covid-19. In his caption, Don Jr. wrote, “This is a much watch!!! So different from the narrative that …

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Former Trump Aide Says Donald Trump Is Obsessed With Destroying Barack Obama’s Legacy: “This is personal for Trump”

Trump and Barack Obama

– Written by: @kristenshylin_ Since the 2016 presidential election, everyone has seen the ongoing tension between Donald Trump and Barack Obama. Trump has always been very vocal about his disapproval of the forever President and his policies. However, some believe that Trump’s proposals to remove Obama’s policies are not politically …

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