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Ballerific Travel: Top 2024 Spring Break Destinations

Spring Break Crackdown: Miami Beach Authorities Report Over 270 Arrests

As winter thaws and the sun begins to shine a bit brighter, thoughts naturally turn to one thing: Spring Break. It’s that magical time of year when students and travelers flock to destinations far and wide in search of fun, relaxation, and unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re looking for a wild …

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Ballerific Travel: Delta Adds Kid-Friendly Meals To Onboard Menu

Delta Airlines To Increase Bag Fees By 17%

Delta will soon accommodate the stomachs of its youngest passengers. The airline will add kid-friendly, parent-approved meals to its onboard menu. Starting April 1, customers can pre-select kid-friendly meals for young fliers. The meals are well-balanced and include a variety of fruits, vegetables, colors, and textures thanks to Delta chefs, …

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Ballerific Travel: Spring Break Ideas For 2023

Miami Beach Approves Ordinance That Allows The Arrest of Homeless People Who Refuse Shelter

Spring break is around the corner, and TSA says travel volumes may exceed pre-pandemic levels. Travelers have taken no time to get back on the roadways and into the airports. There are endless options to where you can go this spring break. To help you weigh your options, we researched …

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Ballerific Travel: Tips On Scoring Flight Upgrades

Holiday Gift Ideas For People Who Love To Travel

Traveling is already a perk but traveling with upgrades is perkier. Whether you’re flying for leisure or business, you always want the best the airline has to offer. There are some pretty cool business and first-class cabins we all hope to one day experience. Next time you hop on a …

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Ballerific Travel: Once In A Lifetime Trips Worth the Splurge

Once In A Lifetime Trips Worth the Splurge

Everyone deserves a trip they will remember for the rest of their life. We’re talking about a trip where you go all out, whether that be a three-week stay or top-of-the-line luxurious accommodation, because everyone deserves to experience it. Some experts say spending your money on experiences rather than material …

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