Extra Unemployment Benefits Could Be Reduced To $300 Weekly

Unemployment Benefits

Unemployed workers who were forced out of work due to the coronavirus pandemic will begin to receive an extra $200 or $300 a week in unemployment benefits, a huge difference from the current $600-a-week policy that will expire this month. The prior relief bill took effect in March. This gave …

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Probes Launched Into Federal Agents’ Use of Force At BLM Protests

PRotests in DC

The inspectors general of the Justice Department and Department of Homeland Security have launched probes into the use of force by federal law enforcement agents in both Portland, Oregon, and Washington, D.C., during recent protests police brutality protests. Both probes address the response to the last month of protests in …

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Sony Creates A Wearable Air Conditioner

Air conditioner

As temperatures continue to rise, especially in the summer months, people around the world are looking for a way to stay cool. These days, there’s pretty much an app for everything, and Sony has come up with a device that can help moderate your body temperature. The Reon Pocket is …

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NYPD Estimated to Overspend On New Overtime Cap By $400 Million

defund the nypd

A New York City independent budget watchdog says the NYPD will likely blow its new overtime cap by $400 million. The new finding contradicts Mayor Bill de Blasio’s 2021 billion-dollar budget cut. De Blasio and City Council Speaker Corey Johnson agreed to shrink the police department’s regular $6 billion budget, …

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