Miley Cyrus Recalls Feeling “Embarrassed” By Sexist Production Staff At VMAs: “You Would Never Tell Travis Scott Or Adam Levine That He Couldn’t Turn The Beauty Light Off”

Miley Cyrus opens up about a time when a VMAs director was allegedly sexist and embarrassed her. Times are definitely changing, and women are becoming more confident about speaking up when men in professional settings mistreat them. And no matter how much fame you have, misogynistic men seem to always …

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Man Acquitted of Killing Wife Who Disappeared Over 8 Years Ago


A Pennsylvania man was acquitted of all charges in the murder of his wife, who disappeared 8 1/2 years ago. On Friday, jurors acquitted 66-year-old Hap Seiders of first and third-degree murder, evidence tampering, and abuse of a corpse. The judge also ordered Seiders to be freed from prison immediately. …

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The Georgia “Sex Trafficking Ring Bust” Was More Complex Than Headlines Portrayed: Included Homeless, Missing And Runaway Children

Child Missing!

Huffington Post writer Michael Hobbs breaks down the complexities of Georgia’s recent “child sex trafficking ring bust,” how it included more than just sex-trafficked children and why America needs to fix its very much broken foster care system. The child sex trafficking conversations seem to have started with the mysterious …

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America Airlines Faces Major Blow Back From Employees Over BLM Pins

American Airlines passenger fakes sick

After announcing that flight attendants are allowed to wear Black Lives Matter pins on their uniform, American Airlines employees are expressing their hostility over the decision. Some white New Yorkers who are employed by the airline are especially unhappy about the move because they consider BLM to be anti-police and …

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