Investigation Launched After Teen Is Choked And Beaten By Deputy In Custody

Deputy Hits Teen

Video footage shows a Florida corrections deputy choking and hitting a Black teen inside a juvenile center. Terrance Devon Reed III, 17, was previously arrested and charged with contempt of court, probation violations, and cocaine possession. During a police lineup last week, TMZ reports that the teen became uncooperative, which …

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California Wildfire Started By Gender Reveal Party

california fire

A California wildfire in San Bernardino County was started by a gender reveal party over the weekend. It has since destroyed 7,050 acres of land, as of early Monday morning. The incident occurred on Saturday and spread for several hours from the El Dorado Ranch Park north, onto the Yucaipa …

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Two Men Face Terrorism Charges After Being Armed During Protests


Following the death of George Floyd, two members of an anti-government extremist group have been charged with federal terrorism counts. The two members flaunted their guns and led protestors while preaching about killing the police, politicians, and blowing up the courthouse. Twenty-two-year-old, Benjamin Ryan Teeter of Raleigh, North Carolina is …

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Donald Trump Hired “Fauxbama,” A Barack Obama Lookalike He “Ritualistically Belittled” And Fired, According To Michael Cohen’s New Memoir

Trump Fires Obama Impersonator

Ahead of the upcoming presidential election, Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former personal attorney, released his book Cohen’s “Disloyalty: A Memoir,” in which he describes Trump’s obsessive animosity towards former President Barack Obama. In his memoir, Cohen says that Trump referred to Obama as a “Manchurian candidate” whose position at several …

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Twitter Reacts To Texas High School’s ‘Cotton Pickers’ Mascot

It’s a damn shame that in 2020 we have to explain to people what’s considered racists and unacceptable to black people. Over the weekend, Twitter reacted to a Texas high school’s mascot, the “Cotton Pickers.” On Friday, KIII sports reporter Chris Thomasson tweeted a video of the Robstown High School …

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