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Social Media Etiquette For Thanksgiving

Social Media Etiquette For Thanksgiving

Now that you’ve traveled for the holidays, lost 10 pounds in preparation for the big day, or indulged in any other Thanksgiving preparation habits, you should be all set. However, in the digital age we live in, it’s also important to remember not to overshare too much on social media. …

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Happy Vegan Thanksgiving! Animal-Free Options For The Holidays

What’s a #vegan or plant-based person you to do when  #Thanksgiving comes around? Well, they eat vegan and plant-based items. The great thing about Thanksgiving food is that it doesn’t all include meat. You’re still able to enjoy your greens (without meat), candied yams, macaroni and cheese, cornbread, and more …

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Ballerific Travel: Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2023 Travel Deals

Ballerific Travel: Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2023 Travel Deals

 With Black Friday and Cyber Monday right around the corner, many are ready to cash in on some good deals, and that includes travel savings for those ballin’ on a budget. Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping has become a phenomenon over the years, with people taking the opportunity to …

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5 Thanksgiving Dishes You Do Not Want To F**k Up

5 Thanksgiving Dishes You Do Not Want To F**k Up

In most of our households, Thanksgiving Dinner is like the last supper. Not just anybody is allowed in the kitchen, and definitely not just anybody can feed the family. And if anything served doesn’t taste good, rest assured whoever made it will be banned from cooking until the next holiday …

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Teyana Taylor Files For Divorce From Iman Shumpert After 7-Year Marriage

Teyana Taylor has filed for divorce in Georgia from Iman Shumpert after being married for 7-years. According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Taylor filed for divorce back in January, months before announcing their separation. Taylor accuses Shumpert of being jealous of her fame and being insecure about being good …

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The Baller Alert Show: Ep. 289- Mariah The Scientist Talks Million Dollar Record Deal, Industry Secrets, Young Thug, Marriage & More

Baller Alert, Baller Alert, Baller Alert! Welcome to another episode of The Baller Alert Show. On this episode, the cast is joined by Mariah The Scientist, to discuss million dollar record deal, industry secrets, Young Thug & marriage.

“Where is Mariah The Scientist from?” asked Ferrari.

“I started in the Swatts, and then we moved to the East Side,” said Mariah The Scientist.

“So, did you grow up wanting to be a scientist?” asked OCT.

“I wanted to be a doctor in the medical field,” said Mariah The Scientist.

“Is that your name, Mariah? Where did the Scientist come from?” asked Ferrari.

“I went to school for Biology,” said Mariah the Scientist.

“When you first popped on the scene, don’t judge me, I thought you were a scientist who became a singer,” said BT.

“Can we discuss the music part? Where did the singing come in?” said Ferrari.

“I always liked music. In elementary school, there was a chorus, and I remember I wanted to be more involved in it. When I got to college, I wrote a song for this guy. It was a diss song,” said Mariah the Scientist.

“It was a lovey dove song. I don’t really have exes, so I tried to delete this version of the story,” said Mariah the Scientist.

“I started getting these calls from a guy named Chubby,” said Mariah The Scientist. Eventually I met Tory Lanez and he was like, ‘I don’t think you should sign to a label.”

“Why did you drop out of college?” asked Ferrari.

“I had a scholarship for undergrad, but they don’t give scholarships for medical school. I started weighing the odds and I was like I don’t know about this. I left for Easter break and left all of my stuff in the dorm,” said Mariah The Scientist.

“How did your deal come about?” asked OCT.

“I ended up going with RCA because it seemed like they had a diverse staff,” said Mariah The Scientist.

“What did they offer you that stood out the most?” asked OCT.

“I said I want to own my masters and I want a million dollars,” said Mariah the Scientist.

“In the beginning, it’s like ‘we believe in you, and we like you just as you are, then you sign, and they want you to do this, this and that,” said Mariah the Scientist.

“I was a movie director at a previous radio station. Your single with Lil Baby came across my desk. How did that feature come about?” asked Ferrari.

“So there’s this producer named Earl On the Beat, and he let me hear it. Immediately when I heard it I thought Lil Baby would go crazy on that song in particular,” said Mariah The Scientist.

She shared that she asked Tory Lanez to reach out to Lil Baby to do the feature.

“He gave me my first gold record,” said Mariah The Scientist.

“Now that you are in a relationship with somebody pretty big, how does that affect your personal life?” asked Ferrari.

“That is my personal life. I put a lot of priority on my relationship because that’s important to me. I want to be married. I want a family so I prioritize that,” said Mariah The Scientist.

“How is it getting with a man who already has children?” asked OCT.

“Before him, I always said I would never date a man with kids. But I didn’t meet him with the intention of dating him,” said Mariah The Scientist.

“How are you able to maintain a strong relationship with him now?” asked OCT.

“We talk a lot, which I’m grateful for because when he first got locked up, it wasn’t like that. They had him on a strict schedule,” said Mariah The Scientist.

“How did you guys meet?” asked BT.

“I messaged him a long time ago and said Happy Birthday. He didn’t see that, then he messaged me and asked me was I signed. I honestly thought he was trying to do some business,” said Mariah the Scientist.

Maybe that was naive. Eventually, I made a song I wanted him on and he said when I get back to Atlanta, ‘Pull up on me,” said Mariah The Scientist.

“What do we have coming up right now?” asked Ferrari.

“I put out a new project. Some songs on there are pretty old, like 4 years old. Some songs on there are new, as in 4 months old,” said Mariah the Scientist.

“Your creativity is so good. The production of your records,” said Ferrari.

“How much are you a part of that process?” asked OCT.

“I am overly a part of it and I am a control freak when it comes to my art,” said Mariah the Scientist. “In the beginning, I was always getting my beats off YouTube.”

“Where did Young Thug take you for your first date?” asked OCT.

“It’s a place called Arnettes. In Sandy Springs. That was our first one-on-one date,” said Mariah The Scientist.

“What’s your favorite song on the project?” asked OCT.

“I don’t have a favorite. I love them all,” said Mariah The Scientist.

“So what are the fan favorites?” asked BT.

“They’ve been saying that they really like Different Pages and Love Sick. I know they like Ride with Thug,” said Mariah The Scientist.

“I know it’s gotta be tough for you dealing with that. How do you cope?” asked Ferrari.

“In the beginning, I was way more sensitive about it. I was like crying all the time. I was just a hot mess,” said Mariah The Scientist.

Mariah The Scientist shared that she has turned into a workaholic following Young Thug’s arrest.

“Do you think that marriage is the next step for you and Young Thug?” asked Ferrari.

“Yeah, I don’t think either of us wants a jail wedding, but he for sure wants to get married, and I for sure want to get married,” said Mariah The Scientist.

I don’t know about y’all, but when I listen to R&B, I want to listen to sad songs,” said BT.”

“What does R&B mean to you?” asked Mariah The Scientist.

“R&B is soothing for somebody who can sing. I think it’s more of a beautiful experience,” said Ferrari.

The Barbz Trend ‘Gag City’ Ahead Of Pink Friday 2 Release

Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday 2 is almost upon us, and the Barbz are beyond excited.

On December 8th, Nicki’s birthday, the sequel to her debut album, Pink Friday 2, will officially be released via Republic Records. After being pushed back two times, originally supposed to drop on October 20th, Nicki shared that despite the hold, the album would be worth the wait. Throughout the delay, Nicki made sure her fans were not left empty-handed. She’s gone to her Instagram live multiple times to preview both unreleased songs and songs that did not make the album and simply connect with her audience. The Pink Friday rapper has released merch, given us content from the album’s photoshoots, and even shared that she’ll be going on tour in 2024 in support of the new upcoming album. Back in September, Minaj released her single ‘Last Time I Saw You,’ which will be featured on the project and ended up helping carry fans throughout the postponement.

Most recently, in high anticipation of the album’s release, the Barbz went to X (formerly known as Twitter) to promote Nicki’s world, which they refer to as “Gag City.” As one arrives at Gag City, per Nicki’s X account, “you can look out the window to see clear waters and pink dolphins.” Many artists, businesses and even animated characters such as Jasmine and Aladdin, Eminem, Apple Music, SpongeBob SquarePants, Madea, Miley Cyrus and Lil Baby can be spotted visiting and being a part of Nicki and the Barbz’s, Gag City. Looking through the AI-generated photos, the luscious pink universe appears to have its own Gag City airport, Onika Viral Museum, Anaconda National Park, marijuana dispensary, gentlemen’s club, and both a wig and barbershop to make fans feel right at home.

If you’re on X, explore the world of Gag City and experience Nicki and her Barbz! 

kris jenner ai twitter
kris jenner ai twitter

miley cyrus ai twitter
miley cyrus ai twitter

eminem ai twitter
eminem ai twitter

Woman Who Threw Burrito Bowl at Chipotle Manager’s Face to Work at Fast-Food Restaurant as Consequence

A Parma, Ohio, woman will now have to work at a fast-food restaurant to avoid jail time after she threw her burrito bowl at a Chipotle manager’s face.

Rosemary Hayne pleaded guilty to an assault charge last month after admitting to throwing her meal at Emily Russell in September. The incident was caught on tape and viewed on TikTok more than one million times.


#Chipotle #karen #attack #hit

♬ original sound – wvlzqz 19

“This is not ‘Real Housewives of Parma.’ This behavior is not acceptable,” Judge Timothy Gilligan of Parma Municipal Court said during sentencing. “You didn’t get your burrito bowl the way you like it, and this is how you respond?”

Haynes received her sentencing last week, and Judge Timothy Gilligan presented her with the option of either serving a 90-day jail sentence or a 30-day sentence along with 60 days of working in a fast-food job.

“Do you want to walk in her shoes for two months and learn how people should treat people, or do you want to do your jail time?” Gilligan asked Hayne at the hearing.

“I’d like to walk in her shoes,” Hayne responded.

As of Wednesday, Haynes has not secured a restaurant job, according to her attorney’s update to CNN. Meanwhile, Russell, grappling with trauma from the incident, resigned from her job a month after the assault and expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of support from Chipotle.


Beyoncé Is The Only Musician Named In Financial Times Top 25 Most Influential Women

Beyoncé has been named one of Financial Times 25 Most Influential Women of 2023.

Beyoncé is one of the most honored and respected alpha females there is. Many women look to her as an inspiration as she continues to break the norm and create her own definition and vision of what the standard should be in the entertainment industry. Changing the narrative for artists and entertainers to come, Beyoncé has been named one of Financial Times 25 Most Influential Women of 2023 by none other than Oprah Winfrey and is the only musician listed.

Margot Robbie, Alia Bhatt, Ursula von der Leyen, and Coco Gauff are a few others who have been listed alongside Beyoncé as women of influence. Astonished and inspired by Beyoncé’s latest Renaissance World Tour performance, Oprah shares, via Financial Times, that throughout every moment, she was in jaw-dropping awe. She noted that the experience was truly transcending, leaving her to question herself and found herself in tears while explaining the moment to others.

Not only has the ‘Break My Soul’ artist influenced fans all across the globe, but recently ending her ‘Eras Tour,’ Taylor Swift shared that Beyoncé has been a guiding light for her throughout her career. Back in October, Taylor took to Instagram to share a heartfelt message toward Beyoncé after she made an appearance at the premiere of Swift’s newest concert film, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour.

“I’m so glad I’ll never know what my life would’ve been like without @beyonce’s influence. The way she’s taught me and every artist out here to break rules and defy industry norms.”

When asked who runs the world, the short and correct answer is and always will be Beyoncé.



Feast Your Eyes and Feed Your Instagram: New Miami Hotspots to Dine at During Art Basel/Art Week

‘Tis the season for art enthusiasts and Instagram aficionados to descend upon Miami for the spectacle that is Art Basel/Miami Art Week. As the Magic City bursts with creativity (and the unavoidable traffic chaos—just ask the locals), it transforms into a playground not only for contemporary art lovers but also for foodies on the prowl for the latest culinary thrills. From celeb-studded restaurants to quick-bite eateries, Miami’s got a smorgasbord of hotspots to dive into during this cultural circus.

Here’s a Baller Alert-approved list of the newest and most exciting dining destinations where you can indulge during Art Basel/Miami Art Week.


Opened in October 2023, Casadonna, a Coastal Italian-inspired restaurant born from the collaboration between Groot Hospitality and Tao Group Hospitality, resides in Miami’s historic Women’s Club building in Edgewater. The name, “Casadonna,” reflects its setting, translating to “house of the woman” in Italian. With a foundation in Riviera-style Italian cooking, the menu showcases handcrafted dishes inspired by traditional recipes from coastal towns like Naples, Taormina, Bari, Positano, and Gaeta. Since opening, stars like Serena Williams, Quavo and Drake have already been spotted here.

Rao’s Miami Beach

The iconic New York Italian restaurant, notorious for its exclusive entry requirements, opened its Miami Beach location within the St. Moritz Tower at the Loews Hotel in October 2023. Renowned for its 127-year history and Southern Neapolitan Italian dishes, the East-Harlem restaurant stopped accepting reservations from non-regulars in the ’70s after receiving a three-star review from the New York Times. However, the Miami outpost welcomes all, offering a range of traditional Rao’s classics such as the legendary Rao’s Traditional Meatballs and Uncle Vincent’s Lemon Chicken, along with new offerings tailored to the location.


View this profile on Instagram


Rao’s Miami Beach (@raosmiamibeach) • Instagram photos and videos

TALA Beach

The tropical beachfront venue, formerly known as 1 Beach Club, has undergone a transformation into Tala Beach. This 50,000-square-foot outdoor oasis, focused on Mediterranean-inspired shared plates, meticulously crafted cocktails, and curated entertainment, opened its doors on October 19, 2023, following a redesign and rebrand. Tala Beach features sprawling daybeds, an outdoor bar and restaurant serving a new menu and crafted cocktails, and a VIP lounge for an extravagant experience. Nestled beneath swaying palms, Tala Beach offers a unique South Beach experience, capturing 1 Hotel’s ethos of mindfulness and wellness.

Casa Ya’ax

Just in time for Art Week, Casa Ya’ax, a Tulum-inspired restaurant by chef/owner Omar Montero, has opened its doors. The menu showcases coastal Mexican cuisine, featuring delectable dishes like pork belly served with white corn, red quinoa, and rock shrimp, tiger shrimp with garlic, and an assortment of raw bar and grill items, including A5 Wagyu and prime cuts.

Barcelona Wine Bar

Opened just a few weeks ago in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood, this tapas restaurant and wine bar combines more than 40 dishes and nearly 400 wines. The ever-changing menu is focused on clean flavors, seasonal ingredients, specialties from Spain and the Mediterranean, and rustic small plate presentations created by chefs with tremendous talent.

Skinny Louie Burgers

For those looking for a quick bite in the midst of the art scene, check out Wynwood’s Skinny Louie Burgers for an original smash burger. The burger joint opened in late November, and its simple menu offers fries, milkshakes, and three burgers you can order as a single, double, or triple.

23andMe Confirms Hackers Accessed Data for 6.9 Million Users

23andMe has revealed that hackers accessed data from approximately 6.9 million users, a higher number than initially disclosed.

According to TechCrunch, the company found a data breach impacting 6.9 million users who identified as having Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry during an investigation launched in October.

Hackers accessed certain 23andMe customer accounts through reused passwords, exploiting features that provide significant user information.

A spokesperson for the company said that hackers employed credential stuffing to initially access approximately 0.1% of 23andMe accounts.

Subsequently, they targeted users in the DNA Relatives program, which eased privacy restrictions.

According to reports, DNA Relatives permit distantly related users to access extensive information about each other, including ancestry, DNA details, ZIP code, birth year, and family member names.

By employing these methods, hackers gained access to profile information for around 6.9 million users in the DNA Relatives program, constituting almost half of the approximately 14 million participants.

According to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing, 23andMe anticipates minimal financial impact, projecting only $1-$2 million in one-time expenses related to the incident. Despite the large number of users affected, only 14,000 accounts were compromised, according to reports.

Taylor Swift Says She Moved to a Foreign Country After Kim Kardashian Released Recording of Infamous Kanye West Phone Call: “That Took Me Down Psychologically”

Taylor Swift is TIME‘s Person of the Year, and in a rare interview with the publication released Wednesday, the mega popstar recounted some significant career moments, including her infamous beef with former couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

In 2016, West released the song “Famous,” in which he infamously rapped, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? I made that bitch famous.” It was during that time that Ye claimed he got Swift’s approval to release the song, which she denied. In response, West’s then-wife, Kim Kardashian, leaked footage of a phone call between Swift and West, suggesting the “All Too Well” singer had approved the line. However, a more extended version of the video leaked in March 2020 and vindicated Swift, proving she hadn’t approved West’s use of the “bitch” line. Reflecting on the incident, Swift shared with TIME that, at the time, it felt like a “career death.”

“Make no mistake—my career was taken away from me,” she told TIME. “You have a fully manufactured frame job, in an illegally recorded phone call, which Kim Kardashian edited and then put out to say to everyone that I was a liar. That took me down psychologically to a place I’ve never been before. I moved to a foreign country. I didn’t leave a rental house for a year. I was afraid to get on phone calls. I pushed away most people in my life because I didn’t trust anyone anymore. I went down really, really hard.”

Although neither West nor Kardashian has responded to the recent interview, when the extended version of the call leaked in 2020, Kardashian addressed the situation, stating, “Nobody ever denied the word ‘bitch’ was used without her permission … I never edited the footage (another lie) – I only posted a few clips on Snapchat to make my point.” She added that Swift “forced me to defend [West].”

Actors Approve SAG-AFTRA Deal, Ending 118-Day Strike

SAG-AFTRA reached a new deal with TV and theatrical producers AMPTP. About 38% of members voted, and the contract passed with 78.33% support.

The Hollywood actors’ strike, lasting 118 days since July 14, concluded on November 9 after SAG-AFTRA’s negotiating committee reached a tentative agreement with AMPTP.

According to the union, the new contract includes “more than $1 billion in new compensation and benefits plan funding, along with outsized gains to the traditional residuals formulas.”

Actors on streaming platforms will now get extra bonuses on their pay, in addition to their regular earnings, thanks to a new compensation model.

The agreement introduces updated rules on AI use, fair compensation for various aspects, including hair and makeup, and more, with the union emphasizing “meaningful protections” for casting and new measures against sexual harassment.

On Tuesday, SAG-AFTRA President Fran Drescher shared that she is “proud” of the union’s membership.

“They struck for 118 days to grant the TV/Theatrical Negotiating Committee the necessary leverage to secure over $1 billion in gains, along with the union’s first-ever protections around AI technology,” she said.

“Now they’ve locked in the gains by ratifying the contract,” Drescher continued. “SAG-AFTRA members have remained incredibly engaged throughout this process, and I know they’ll continue their advocacy throughout our next negotiation cycle. This is a golden age for SAG-AFTRA, and our union has never been more powerful.”

Diddy Accused of Gang-Raping 17-Year-Old Girl In New Lawsuit, He Denies Claims

The accusations against music mogul Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs continue to mount in the wake of the explosive lawsuit alleging rape and human trafficking, filed by his ex-girlfriend and former artist, Cassie.

In his fourth allegation of sexual assault in less than three weeks, Diddy is accused of gang-raping and sex trafficking a 17-year-old girl. But, the billionaire businessman says this is yet another attempt at a quick cash grab at his expense.

The filing details an alleged incident in which the accuser, identified as Ms. Doe, said she was drugged and raped by the “Last Night” rapper and two other men, including former president of Bad Boy Entertainment Harve Pierre. She said the incident occurred in 2003 after a night out with friends at a club in Detroit, where she first met Pierre.

According to Page Six, Pierre told her she was attractive and convinced her that Diddy was his best friend and would love to meet her. He then connected her with Diddy, who convinced her to meet him in New York. Although she agreed to the arrangement, she said she was forced to give Pierre, who was high on crack cocaine, oral sex before the flight.

Once the two landed at the Teterboro airport in New Jersey, Ms. Doe said she was taken to a studio owned by Bad Boy, where Combs, Pierre, and a third man gave her drugs and alcohol.

“As the night wore on, the 17-year-old Ms. Doe became more and more inebriated, eventually to the point that she could not possibly have consented to having sex with anyone, much less someone twice her age,” the filing read, revealing specific details of the alleged sexual assault.

“While at the studio, Ms. Doe was gang raped by Mr. Combs, the Third Assailant, and Mr. Pierre, in that order,” the filing continued. “While Mr. Combs was raping Ms. Doe, he complained that he could not ‘get off’ unless she pinched his nipples as hard as she could.”

“Mr. Combs then watched on as Third Assailant, who Ms. Doe had not even realized had begun to have sex with her, raped Ms. Doe as she told him to stop. After Third Assailant was finished, Mr. Pierre took his turn at raping Ms. Doe and then violently forced her to give him oral sex, during which Ms. Doe was choking and struggling to breathe,” it added.

“When Mr. Pierre finished, he left Ms. Doe in the bathroom alone. Ms. Doe fell into the fetal position and lay on the floor. Her vagina was in pain,” the filing read, adding that she could barely stand or even remember how she got back home afterward.

The accuser also included a photo of her sitting on Combs’ lap from around the time of the incident and pictures of her inside Diddy’s studio. She is seeking monetary damages over the incident, which she says caused her “significant emotional distress and feels of shame that have plagued her life and personal relationships for 20 years.”

“Most triggering for Ms. Doe was reading about Ms. Ventura’s allegations of sex trafficking and being forced to have sex with other men against her will. Ms. Doe obviously understands that she too had been sex trafficked and that Mr Combs’s behavior in forcing women into nonconsensual sex was not an isolated incident or unique only to Ms. Ventura,” the filing read.

Immediately after the filing, Combs provided a statement on Instagram, denying the allegations.

“ENOUGH IS ENOUGH,” Combs said. “For the last couple of weeks, I have sat silently and watched people try to assassinate my character, destroy my reputation and my legacy. Sickening allegations have been made against me by individuals looking for a quick payday. Let me be absolutely clear: I did not do any of the awful things being alleged. I will fight for my name, my family, and for the truth.”

Britney Spears’ Father Jamie Spears Reportedly Had Leg Amputated 

Britney Spears‘ father, Jamie, had his leg amputated last month due to a bacterial infection.

PEOPLE reported in October that Spear’s father was seriously ill and hospitalized for a bacterial infection. It was later confirmed that he was recovering in an infectious disease outpatient facility.

Sources say that “He had a knee replacement and got a terrible infection from it.”

According to reports, Jamie underwent several unsuccessful surgeries before resorting to the amputation, which was considered a “last resort.”

Although the “Toxic” singer initially had no intentions of reconciling with her father, despite his declining help, TMZ reports that she may be warming up to the idea.

In August, insiders stated that Spears wasn’t planning to reach out to her dad to repair their strained relationship despite earlier reports.

“Britney is on a healing journey, but a reconciliation with Jamie is not in the cards,” the source said, as other reports revealed Britney would “never forgive him for the abuses and trauma he caused.”

However, according to TMZ, Jamie remains hopeful as “there’s nothing he’d rather have” than a relationship with his famous daughter again, and he harbors “no ill will.”

Romantic Twist: Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes’ Exes Are Now Dating 

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes’ exes are reportedly now dating.

Sources tell Page Six that Marilee Fiebig and Andrew Shue have been dating for about six months after connecting over their divorces from the former ‘GMA3‘ co-anchors, who are still together.

According to reports, Marilee and Andrew initially bonded over their respective divorces, but the relationship has since evolved beyond the messiness.

The two reportedly learned of Amy and T.J.’s romance in the summer of 2022, which was publicly revealed in November of that same year.

On the debut episode of the “Amy & T.J. Podcast,” the couple clarified that they lived separately from their estranged spouses before starting their romantic relationship.

According to Page Six, Holmes and Fiebig finalized their divorce in December 2022, shortly after news of his relationship with Robach surfaced. Robach also completed her divorce from Shue in March.

JR Robinson Says He and Tamar Braxton Have Reconciled: “I Couldn’t Possibly Want To Be with Anyone Else”

Tamar Braxton’s ex, Jeremy Robinson, has officially confirmed their reconciliation.

On Monday, Jeremy took to Instagram to reveal that he and Tamar were back together in a lengthy post.

“How deep is your love? How deep is the connection that God provided the way for? How do you handle adversity, heartbreak, and healing?” Robinson began. “Well, I can testify that love hurts, love is beautiful, and love is God’s gift to our hearts. But what are we willing to sacrifice, and are we willing to fight for it?”

Robinson explained he had to “fight hard to push past the hurt, and past my own ego, because God kept bringing me back to how much I love @tamarbraxton.”

He claimed he had to “heal” in order to “see the beauty of their love.”

“At times, I was angry, I was mad with her, and so while I was single – I took advantage of people who were ultimately trying to take advantage of me with a singular goal in mind. Hurt people, hurt people. And for that, I take accountability for wanting her to feel some of my pain. The truth is, it really just hurt me in the long run, and my healing was what was needed.”

While adding that he “couldn’t possibly want to be with anyone else” other than Braxton. “I am incredibly touched by how much she fought for me! I’m committed to loving this woman forever.”

The news comes shortly after Atlanta Black Star reported that JR denied hurting Tamar during their relationship but admitted to “purposely” hurting her by asking her enemy, LHHATL star Tommie, on a date weeks after the split.

Lakers Beat Suns To Make In-Season Tournament Semifinal After Controversial Timeout In Final Seconds 

The NBA quarterfinal games for the league’s inaugural in-season tournament have been nothing short of amazing. The new contest has shown how competitive and fiery NBA players can be early on in the season. 

In last night’s game to secure the last semifinal spot, LeBron James led the Lakers to a 106-103 win over the Phoenix Suns. With 31 points, eight boards, and 11 assists, James rose to the occasion to guarantee his team’s ticket to Vegas to face off against the New Orleans Pelicans

Despite the electrifying performances of both teams’ superstars, the game seemingly came down to a controversial call by the referees.

With 11 seconds to go in the game, the Los Angeles Lakers inbounded the basketball to Austin Reaves, who got tied up with Kevin Durant and Devin Booker. Reaves then fell over and lost the ball, and as it rolled toward the baseline, James called a timeout, which was awarded. 


Anthony Davis made one free throw, and D Book shared the ball with Kevin Durant for a three-pointer right before the buzzer that was off.

It was a disappointing end to a solid game. 

“It’s a loose ball, and you can’t call a timeout on a loose ball,” Phoenix coach Frank Vogel said. “The whistle blows. I don’t know why. Everything in the league is reviewable. I don’t know why that can’t be reviewable. …We got the trap, we got the turnover, [and the] damn whistle blows. It’s just frustrating.”

“The whole world seen it. I just got off social media, and other players around the league saw it. Refs miss calls sometimes, but when it’s a bit that obvious, it’s tough,” Booker said after the game during his media availability. 

Former legend and Phoenix Suns great Charles Barkley also spoke out about the controversial call, as he implied favoritism on behalf of the Lakers. 

All eight teams received compensation of some sort, but the two big rewards were for the teams that play in the championship game. If you make it to the championship game on Saturday, the losing team per player receives $200K. The winners will receive 500K and the bragging rights of being the first-season champions.


Jonathan Majors’ Ex-Girlfriend Details Alleged Fight Over Text from Another Woman That Led To Actor’s Arrest

Jonathan Majors’ trial on domestic violence charges is underway, and new details about the actor’s alleged patterns of abuse have been revealed.

On Tuesday, Majors’ ex-girlfriend and accuser, Grace Jabbari, took the stand to describe her relationship with Majors, highlighting a timeline of abuse that grew worse over the course of their relationship. She also revealed how the two met and detailed the incident that led to Majors’ arrest eight months prior.

According to Jabbari, the two met in 2021 on the set of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, where Majors held the lead role of Kang the Conqueror. Jabbari, at the time, was the on-set movement director.

The actor made the first move, gave her his number, and the two went to a bar the next day. After that, according to Jabbari, they spent almost “every day together” for months, setting the foundation for the whirlwind romance.

“He told me that he loved me early on, which was overwhelming, but I loved it as well,” Jabbari testified, adding that Majors seemed “amazing, really kind and loving” initially. “He wrote me poetry,” she said. “I felt very loved and cared for and felt seen. He loved me, and I loved him.”

But the honeymoon stage of their relationship would soon end, as Majors’ positive and loving energy shifted to something she was afraid of.  

Jabbari said she first noticed the changes in December of that first year together when Majors made a comment about her ex. She said he started yelling, which was the first time he stoked fear in her. But that wasn’t the actor’s only aggressive action toward her, as she detailed instances of violence, intimidation, and manipulation. In one incident, she said he threw things at her while she hid for cover; in another, he ignored her for days for going to a music festival.

“I took the photo because the shift in his temper was something I was aware of, and I just wanted to remember,” Jabbari said of photos she took after a fight with Majors. “I knew I kept forgiving him, but I just wanted to have a bit of a memory of him.”

On the night in question, Jabbari said Majors was in a bad mood over her outfit, but things escalated at dinner later that night. At the restaurant, she said Majors found an issue with the fact that she told his female manager about their fights, and in turn, he threatened to kill himself over the fact that everyone may have known.

“‘I’m a monster, I shouldn’t be here, now everyone knows,'” Jabbari recalled he said, adding, “‘I’m going to kill myself. I’m going to do it. This time I’m going to do it.'”

The two then went back to the car, where the incident erupted into violence. Jabbari said a text message from another woman named “Cleopatra” popped up on his phone: “I wish I were kissing you.” That’s when Jabbari said she snatched the phone out of his hands, and Majors attacked her to get it back.

“What I knew to be the weight of him on top of me as he tried to pry the phone from my fingers,” she said. “He was trying to hurt me…Then I felt a hard blow across my head.”

The two then got out of the car and struggled over the phone as Majors attempted to push Jabbari back in. They then were seen running down the streets of Chinatown, according to surveillance footage shown in court. “I was only thinking about my heart,” she said, “That type of pain: the infidelity.”

After the incident, Jabbari went to a nightclub and was recorded smiling, which in turn was used against her to imply she was not injured. But Jabbari said she was “having the nicest time I could have had within the situation,” adding that she “didn’t want to be alone at that point.”

“I was just trying to suppress the sadness. I felt sad so deeply in my heart. But I was also really grateful for these three people who had saved me,” she said.

Majors is facing charges of assault and harassment. If convicted, he could spend up to a year in jail.


Tuohy Family Claims Michael Oher Tried To Extort Them For $15 Million

The narrative that inspired the movie The Blind Side has taken a surprising turn.

In a new legal document, attorneys representing Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy submitted screenshots of text messages from Michael Oher. In these messages, Oher accused the couple of being “thieves” and demanded they send him more than $15 million. He also warned that if they didn’t meet his demands, he would reveal their dispute over the earnings from the 2009 film to the public.

The Tuohys have stated that they believe Oher’s request for a temporary injunction should be rejected. They assert that their family has already fulfilled any financial obligations to him but claim Oher has sent multiple intimidating text messages and emails demanding millions of dollars.

“If something isn’t resolved this Friday, I’m going to go ahead and tell the world. How I was robbed by my suppose to be [sic] parents. That’s the deadline,” one text from Oher read as another said, “It was 10 million now I want 15 after taxes.”

The Tuohy family did not include their responses to Oher’s messages in the screenshots presented in Monday’s filings.

“Needless to say, the menacing demands were shocking and hurtful to the Tuohys, who had always treated Mr. Oher with kindness and love,” the Tuohy family’s attorneys said.

In August, Oher revealed that he had recently discovered he was never formally adopted by the Tuohy family. He also believes the family was aware of this fact and intentionally withheld money rightfully owed to him from the film. Oher claimed he only became aware of being placed into a conservatorship with the Tuohys when he turned 18. His attorneys described this revelation as deeply distressing for Oher, who is now a father of two.