Julia Roberts Was Apparently Suggested to Play Harriet Tubman in Biopic

Julia Roberts Suggested to Play Harriet

The screenwriter for the film “Harriet” reportedly revealed that a Hollywood executive thought Julia Roberts would’ve been great as the lead in the biopic. In an interview with Focus Feature, Gregory Allen Howard, the film’s producer and screenwriter, revealed that when he first started working on the film 25 years …

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Jennifer Lopez Reveals She Starred In “Hustlers” For Free

Jennifer Lopez talks Hustlers

Jennifer Lopez, one of GQ’s 2019 “Men of the Year” cover stars, reveals that she didn’t make much of a profit from the movie “Hustlers.” “I didn’t get paid a whole bunch of money for, ‘Hustlers,’” Lopez told the publication. “I did it for free and produced it. I bank …

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Nick Cannon Is Getting A New Syndicated Talk Show On Fox Stations

Nick Cannon Gets Show

Nick Cannon’s new syndicated daytime talk show has been cleared for launch on Fox stations. Media mogul Nick Cannon is picking up another bag, and this time it’s in the talk show business. The 39-year-old locked in a distribution deal with Fox Television Studios, which will be the home for …

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Ja Rule Officially Cleared In Lawsuit Over Disastrous Fyre Fest

Ja Rule Cleared for Fyre Fest

Back in 2017, Ja Rule partnered up with entrepreneur Billy McFarland in an attempt to bring a fun-filled and luxurious festival to the Bahamas. However, when attendees arrived at the Island for the first-ever Fyre Festival, things quickly took a turn for the worst. Guests were unexpectedly left sleeping in …

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Airbnb Signs $500 Million Contract To Sponsor The Olympics

Airbnb for the Olympics

Airbnb just signed a $500 million contract to sponsor the Olympic Games until 2028. This is the first major sponsorship deal signed by the company, which now joins the ranks of major corporations like Coca-Cola and Toyota, who participate with the International Olympic Committee’s worldwide sponsorship program. Airbnb’s co-founder, Joe …

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