Clinic Mistakenly Gives Patients COVID-19 Antibodies Instead Of Vaccine


A clinic has confessed to mistakenly injecting patients with COVID-19 antibodies when they thought they were receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. On Thursday, the West Virginia National Guard admitted that 42 people came to the Boone County Health Department’s vaccination clinic to receive the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. Instead, staff injected them …

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Basketball Legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Says He Will Get Coronavirus Vaccine And Says Others Should Too

Kareem Abdul talks movies

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar sat down with Don Lemon on CNN in mid-December, where he talked about outreach being necessary to assuage the Black community’s fears regarding receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. “I’m definitely going to get vaccinated,” the basketball legend says when asked if he will get the coronavirus vaccine. “Outreach is absolutely essential. Again, that’s why …

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Former Chicago Bears Champion Michael Richardson Arrested On Murder Charge

Michael Richardson

Former Chicago Bears football player and champion Michael Richardson has been arrested on a murder charge in Phoenix.  Fifty-nine-year-old Richardson used to be an All-Pro cornerback for the Chicago Bears, but now, he may be looking at time in prison. On Wednesday, police arrested Richardson on a second-degree murder charged …

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Homegrown COVID-19 Vaccine Approved in China For Widespread Use


China’s first COVID-19 vaccine manufactured by state-owned Sinopharm has earned market approval from China’s medical products agency. The conglomerate claims its vaccine has an efficacy rate of 79%, surpassing the generally recognized 50% efficacy standard. The approval is conditional and requires that Sinopharm continue to collect vaccine data and its …

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Baller Alert’s Year In Review : Ballerific Couples Of 2020

Michelle Obama and Barack Obama

As a result of 400 years of generational trauma, many negative stigmas surround ” Black Love.” “Black females must understand that we always will be oppressed, as will our sons and daughters unless Black men are liberated to defend themselves, Black females and Black children from all attacks and insults… …

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Ohio Boy, 3, Abandoned In Cemetery Two Days Before Christmas


A boy and his dog were abandoned in an Ohio cemetery just days before Christmas.  Two days before Christmas, a 3-year-old boy and his dog were abandoned in a cemetery in Ohio, according to police. On Wednesday, officers responded to Hope Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Hinkley and found the child, …

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Pet Food Recalled After At Least 28 Dogs Die

The Food and Drug Administration announced a recall of a series of pet food products due to “potentially fatal” toxin levels called aflatoxin. According to the NY Daily News, products from Midwestern Pet Foods have been linked to deadly levels of aflatoxin, which is a toxin that grows on mold …

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