The United States Is Officially In A Recession


Despite recent tweets from Donald Trump about the economy, the National Bureau of Economic Research announced that the United States has officially been in an economic recession since February. While critics argue that a recession is based on two consecutive months of economic decline, the NBER, which serves as the …

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Joe Biden Does Not Support Defunding The Police

Joe Biden on Defunding POlice

Presumptive Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden does not support defunding the police, even as calls to do so mount by progressive Democrats. Biden told “CBS Evening News” anchor Norah O’Donnell on Monday flat out that he does not support defunding police, but he does support basing federal aid on “certain …

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Wichita State University Tech Cancels Ivanka Trump’s Commencement Speech Following Her Father’s Reaction To George Floyd’s Death

Ivanka Trump

Wichita State University Tech, an affiliate of Wichita State University in Kansas, canceled Ivanka Trump’s virtual graduation speech following the way that her father, Donald Trump, responded to the murder of George Floyd and the national protests that followed. The public community college initially announced that Ivanka was the planned …

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