Joe Biden Reveals $2 Trillion Plan to Tackle Climate Change

Joe Biden

Joe Biden announced his plans to combat climate change on Tuesday, revealing he wants to spend $2 trillion over four years, increasing clean energy in the transportation, electricity, and building industries. The plan outlines how he would also simultaneously create jobs as well as address racism. During his speech in …

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Americans Banned From Traveling To Most Countries Around The World

Americans banned

As coronavirus cases continue to soar throughout the US, other countries are reopening for tourism, but there’s a catch; Americans won’t be welcomed everywhere. In response to the United States, leading the charts with the most COVID related infections and deaths, countries around the globe are banning US citizens from …

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“Family Reunion” Executive Producer Slams The Academy For Unequal Ruling In Award Nominations: “What I do know is that Family Reunion was treated differently”

Family Reunion

Producer and writer Meg DeLoatch has a long resume filled with 20 years of work in Hollywood. The Family Matters co-producer witnessed the television industry transform from Jim Crow Hollywood to the new mainstream Hollywood. In a storytime article on the Hollywood Reporter, DeLoatch said although the industry had changed …

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Kanye West Is No Longer Running For President

Kanye West

Despite efforts to start the process of his campaign for the upcoming presidential election, Kanye West is no longer running for office. According to several campaign professionals, the rapper and his team began working on including his name on the ballots in multiple states as a third-party candidate, in opposition …

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