Michigan Bar Linked To At Least 85 New Coronavirus Cases

Harper's Bar

A Michigan bar has been linked to at least 85 new coronavirus cases, since its June 8 reopening. Harper’s Restaurant & Brew Pub voluntarily closed on June 22 to add air purifying to its HVAC system and address social distancing guidelines. Health inspectors found that the bar was “following appropriate …

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Princeton Drops Woodrow Wilson’s Name From School Over Racist Policies

Princeton University will remove former President Woodrow Wilson’s name from public policy school and Wilson College, the president said in a statement on Saturday. Christopher Eisgruber posted a statement to the school’s website, stating that “Wilson’s racist views and policies make him an inappropriate namesake for the School of Public …

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Hulu Pulls Blackface Episode Of ‘Golden Girls’

Hulu has decided to pull an episode of “Golden Girls” featuring Rose and Blanche in “Blackface.” In the episode, Dorothy’s son Michael talked about plans of marrying an older black woman, Lorraine. Dorothy isn’t feeling the age difference. Meanwhile, Lorraine’s family disapproves of her marrying a white man. As Lorraine’s …

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