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Are You Ready For BMF WIVES? *Updated*

You read that right, there is another “Wives” show in the works and this time it’s going to feature some of the Real Trap Wives of Atlanta. Ozone Magazine reports that a pilot for the BMF (Black Mafia Family) Wives may be coming to a TV near you. If you’ve ever wanted …

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Ask A Baller: Hey @MainoHustleHard, Why Do Strippers Get Chose?

I’d like to introduce a new feature on Baller Alert for 2012 titled “Ask A Baller”. Have you ever wanted to get a Baller’s perspective on things, maybe life situations, groupies, want to know if he’d ever let his baby mama do Basketball Wives? Well here’s your chance to get …

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Mike Vick Takes His Boo Fishing In Puerto Rico

Who knew Mike Vick was engaged? I knew they’ve been together for a long time but I surely didn’t know they were officially engaged. Anyway Mike Vick recently took his fiancé Kijafa Frink vacationing in Puerto Rico where they enjoyed a little fun in the sun and some quiet fishing.

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11 Ballerfic MIstakes In 2011

I’m here to bring you 11 crazy events that took place this year that mad a baller or ballers look crazy. I hope that these people don’t make these same mistakes in the New Year. Not only them I hope that you don’t make the same mistakes in the New …

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New Ballerific Couple Alert: Dollicia Bryan & Drake *Updated*

So it looks like model Dollicia Bryant released a statement to confirming that she is dating Drake. According to her reps: “They’re both in L.A. right now spending the Holidays together.” Oh ok… lol It’s funny to me that this was a statement released to “media” Dollicia Bryant was …

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Weave Wars!! Tami Roman Sued Over Hair Extensions

First lipstick, now this!  Basketball Wives star is facing a lawsuit over the use of virgin hair. Sounds confusing, well allow TMZto break it down!   Constance Corleone — who owns an extension line called Bella Dream Hair — filed the case, claiming Tami’s rep contacted her last September and asked to …

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