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Lil Scrappy Blames AIDS On Gay People

When Lil Scrappy isn’t busy putting them paws on em, he likes to voluntarily offer his stance on same sex relationships. In light of Frank Ocean coming out of the closet, TMZ (for whatever strange reason) asked Lil Scrappy for his opinion. I would have rather heard from Stevie J …

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Girl, That Ain’t Yo Man, That’s Community D!ck

I had to bring this blog back after watching Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and seeing Joseline claiming Stevie J like she was the main chick. Stop stating claim to community penis. What is community penis you ask?   Community Penis [kuh-myoo-ni-tee,  pee-nis] – a single, unattached man who freely  roams …

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Dumb Baller News – Dion Lewis Arrested For Pulling Fire Alarm

Who in their adult life pulls fire alarms? When drunk, Philadelphia Eagles running back Dion Lewis and his brother do. Early Saturday, the drunken brothers found themselves locked out of the Hampton Inn hotel as the hotel locks the lobby doors after midnight. After banging on the sliding glass door …

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Should Black Women Embrace The Blow Job?

Since the Machine Gun Kelly video is getting so much attention one of our readers decided to make a response video. Should we be offended or is it time to embrace what we already knew? That we’re sexy individuals and we do it best. Check out the video and tell …

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5 Reasons You Should Consider Dating A Young Baller

When snagging a Baller women often shun the rookies and draft picks when in fact, it’s probably best to look at them first. Older, more established Ballers are cool but here are 5 reasons you should probably consider a Young Baller. 5 Reasons You Should Consider Dating A Young Baller …

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