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Christina Aguilera What Is Going On Here?

Above is a picture of Christina Aguilera speaking at Etta James’ funeral. Now, I’m not going to jump to conclusions and assume what I think is going on is really going on but…. Trust me, I know, accidents happen but sometimes you just have to stay home. Sometimes you have …

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The Lip Stick War Is Back On & Popping

Just when you thought the lip stick beef was over, Keyshia Dior has re-ignited it and this time she has her sights set on Draya, the new face of Secret Kisses.     Apparently it all started when a fake Instagram page surfaced using Draya’s name. Draya, who admits to …

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106 & Park Presents: Young, Single & Parenting

On Monday, January 30th @ 6pm/ET “106 & Park” will host a special episode dedicated to young, single parents. Now more than ever, young folks are struggling with the challenges of teen parenting and 106 & PARK is ready to tackle this issue.   106 will have experts, Dr. Michelle …

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Know Your Worth And Get What You Deserve

Sometimes I feel like this isn’t something that has to continue to be said, but sadly it is. From the modeling industry to music, down to your every day relationships, day to day encounters and your average 9 to 5. People are not being given what they deserve and it …

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