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According to Rhymes With Snitch Mayweahter is broke. The site received a juicy e-mail that detailed how he has been stiffing people out of their money, etc. Evidently he has pissed off someone in his camp and they spilled the beans. Check it out: Floyd ‘No-Money’ Mayweather was broke that’s …

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The KhloMar Union is a Signed Deal ~ In More Ways Than One!

Well, well, well! They did it. Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have tied the knot and Khloe is officially (un-officially) Khloe Odom. The wedding apparently was quite lovely and many guests included Lala Vazquez (sans Carmelo), Ron Artest the man who’s welcome to the Lakers organization party that started it …

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Sumptuous Side Dish for Your Baller- Sweet Potoato Souffle

Ladies, I often hear from women they need something to make with their main course. They are sick of the same old rice, potatoes etc. I was thinking of what to make with the steak I have marinading at home and instead of a regular baked potato of french fries …

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Jerry “Juke” Vines is not a novice when it comes to Artist Management or the music game. Juke has been in the entertainment industry for over 15 years. He has climbed the ladder to Artist Manager for the 3-time double platinum R&B artist Ginuwine. Ginuwine went on to sell 12 …

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The Children and Our Future–WTF??! Is Going On

Hey yall, I’m going to take 5 minutes away from writing my book to get some things off my chest. I feel obligated to make some points after reading posts lately. This isn’t a response to the latest fuckery. But a response to what the hell is going on in …

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Permanent Eye Color Change Has Plastic Surgery Gone Too Far

Ladies there is a new cosmetic procedure that is being offered in Panama that permanently changes your eye color. The procedure is called NewColorIris ( At what point do you think enough is enough with all of these procedures. The breasts,

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