10 Sexy Costume Ideas For Halloween

Hey Ladies! It’s that time again. The time when we get to express our inner hoe and dress various types of slutty in the name of getting some Trick to Treat us. That’s right, it’s Halloween! I know many of you will be attending parties and whatnot, so in case you didn’t know what you wanted to be, here are some naughty ideas.


Sexy Super Hero – So many heroes to choose from, so little time


Playboy Bunny – The classic Playboy Bunny costume



Naughty School Girl – Innocence and sexy at the same time



Greek Goddess – If you’re looking for your very own Hercules, this one is for you


Sex Kitten – any combination of black spandex and leather with a set of ears can achieve this look


 Pirate – Whoever has the biggest sword makes the rules


Officer of the Law – Substitute the plastic cuffs for the real thing and make your man a prisoner!


Prized Fighter – Who wouldn’t want to go a couple rounds with you wearing this get-up?

Angel – Look like you walked right out of heaven on Halloween night

Sexy Devil – Or you can walk on the dark side?

So what are you guys going to be for Halloween?

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