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10 Songs To Help You Get Over A Breakup & Never Look Back

It’s perfectly normal to mourn the loss of a relationship through music. While we love a quality sad love song, there are plenty of tunes out there that will motivate you to kick your ex to the curb and fall back in love with yourself. Here are a few records to help you get over your breakup instead of basking in it.

Return of the Mack: If there were ever a more fitting song to describe what it feels like to be entirely over a person, it is none other than the iconic “Return of the Mack” by the incomparable @Markmorrisonofficial. The platinum-selling single has sold millions worldwide and assisted a sea of singles in picking themselves back up and regaining their confidence. 

It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay: If Nippy did nothing else, she knew how to make you feel something deep within. Singing, “It’s not right. But it’s okay. I’m gonna make it anyway,” the lyrics are a testament to the mentality it takes to leave the past where it is. Dry those tears and crank this @Whitneyhouston classic up high.

Thank You, Next: Our good sis @Arianagrande chose to take a mature route on “Thank You, Next.” Instead of telling her exes to kick rocks, Ariana expresses gratitude for the lessons that each one taught her while subtly letting them know that there is no further need for them in her life. This record instructs the new singles on the art of letting go peacefully. 

Movin’ On: The beauty of “Movin’ On” was that it was straight to the point. @Myaplanet9 laid down the facts and let homeboy know that it was over. The message in this record is simple: move on with your life, but not before letting them know how their actions are the cause of the fallout. 

Me, Myself & I: While breakups can bring about an overwhelming sense of loneliness, allow the wise words of @Beyonce to resonate in your spirit: “I took a vow that from now on, I’m gon’ be my own best friend.” Once you realize that you still have yourself to love and nurture, past romance will feel like nothing more than dead weight. Make sure you add this to your post-heartbreak playlist.

Needed Me: While arrogance may be frowned upon in most settings when it comes to getting your groove back, there’s nothing more healthy than knowing your worth. @Badgalriri made sure to send the message that she was the prize. 

F–k Dat N—a: Even early on in their careers, Miami’s very own @Citygirls have preached women empowerment and the importance of knowing one’s worth, which is why their debut single is the perfect tune to throw on post-breakup. Anytime you feel the urge to respond to that DM from your former boo looking to ease their way back in, remember what JT told us on “F–k Dat N—a”: “Say he love me all the time, I don’t even read the text.” Put this one on repeat, and you’ll be just fine.

U Don’t Have To Call: You know you’ve moved past the relationship when you no longer care if you hear from your ex. @Usher harmonized his way through a fallout with his lady and, in the end, told her not to bother reaching out. Listen to this Grammy-Award-winning mega-hit, get dressed, and call up the homies. This beat alone will not allow for sulking in the heartache. 

Not Gon Cry: @Therealmaryjblige has given us countless love bops. However, “Not Gon’ Cry” hits differently when you understand that the situation is truly no longer worth your tears nor energy. Though a slow jam, this record is anything but a hopeless love song. Mary sings of the hardships behind a drawn-out love affair that has taken a toll and driven her to pack up her heart and go. When she sang, “I should’ve left your a– a thousand times,” can we all agree that we’ve been that fed up at least once? 

Up Out My Face: Anytime a song starts with, “It’s not chipped… We’re not cracked…Oh, we’re shattered,” there’s a pretty good inclination that the love is lost for good. This @Mariahcarey and @Nickiminaj jam is a reminder that it is perfectly fine to tell that ex of yours to stay out of your face as you continue to heal.

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