10 Things Every Woman Should Know About Football


Now that the 2012 NFL schedule has been released, you can begin anticipating that quality time with your football fanatic boyfriend is going to be few and far between. I know a lot of us women don’t know all there is to know about the sport so we find ourselves not getting to share in this time with our significant other. Well no need to worry, I am here to give you just enough info to get you through Football Sunday!


1 – Always Know Who’s Playing. Theres nothing more embarrassing than cheering for the Cowboys when the Eagles are actually playing. Memorizing the colors of the uniforms has always been a trick I’ve used.



2 –Know the number to Dominos Pizza, verify all beers are cold and if you have no clue as to what’s going on, stay out of the way!



3 – Key Fact: Mike Vick plays for the Eagles, not the Falcons.



4 –NFL football airs on Sunday. College football airs on Saturday. Don’t confuse the two if you know what’s best for you!



5 – If you’re guy’s team loses do NOT under any circumstances say “It’s only a game!” or “It’s not that serious”



6 – These five simple words will get you through every football situation “If HE cheers, YOU cheer!”



7 –No one cares about Superbowl halftime.



8 –Any comments about how cute a football player is with his helmet off should only be made in your head.



9 –Your female friends are not allowed over during football sunday.



10 –If your guy’s team wins, sex would be appreciated. Hell, if they lose, I’m sure it would still be appreciated. Nothing like a good post-game celebration!



So I hope this helps some of you ladies make it through the grueling football season. I’ll be back when basketball season starts 🙂

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