10 Twitter Accounts That Will Have You Woke AF

Black History Month is upon us and it’s important to surround yourself with people that will keep your Black Pride at its peak performance. While you are celebrating your blackness offline, Baller Alert has compiled a list of 10 Twitter accounts you should follow that will keep you informed, aware and woke AF!


[In No Particular Order]


1. Angela Rye: @angela_rye

As a political commentator, not only will Angela Rye school idiots on CNN, she will also shut them down on Twitter. She is unapologetically black and #bornWoke, making her one of our faves to follow.


2. Deray Mckesson: @deray

You can’t talk new gen activism without Deray’s name coming up. Not only was he one of the firsts on the ground in Ferguson, he has held Black people DOWN, even if it meant spending the night in jail. You can count on Deray to stay informed on all things blackness.


3. Jesse Williams: @iJesseWilliams

Jesse Williams has been a worthy follow for a long time, but his peak wokeness over the last few years made the world go crazy for him. He’s an activist, he’s an amazing speaker and he doesn’t shy away from educating those who are misinformed. Did I mention he has his own Black emoji app?


4. Jamilah Lemieux: @JamilahLemieux

Not only is this former Ebony Magazine editor pro-black, she’s pro-black-woman, and she’s not afraid to show it proudly on Twitter.  If you’re looking to follow someone who speaks their mind on all black issues, especially issues facing the black woman, Jamilah is a great start!


5. Marc Lamont Hill: @marclamonthill

Marc Lamont Hill is so much more than a handsome face. He’s woke AF and an awesome follow when your guilty pleasure is watching racists with a low brain capacity get shut down on social media.


6. Johnetta Elzie: @Nettaaaaaaaa


Like Deray, Johnetta “Netta” Elzie was one of the first people to take to Ferguson. She is always on the ground, doing major work for the Black Lives Matter movement and is a huge driving force in how the protests became so widely popular in the first place. You can consider Netta a civil rights activist or a freedom fighter. Either way, she’s very necessary.


7. Bomani Jones: @bomani_jones


Bomani Jones is one of my favorites. When he’s not talking sports and entertainment on ESPN, he’s on Twitter being the Woke black man America desperately needs. I love the fact that even though he has a huge platform, he doesn’t shy away from speaking on issues in the guise of political correctness.


8. Shaun King: @ShaunKing


Shaun King is a controversial follow. On one hand, many people can’t make sense of whether he’s truly black and some don’t know what to think of him. However, on the other hand, Shaun King is guaranteed to keep you well informed on the issues of black people across the country. He has a platform and he uses it to make sure you know what’s going on from every big city to small town. If you take interest in matters of the black community, Shaun King is an automatic follow.


9. Reagan Gomez: @ReaganGomez


Many of us have watched Reagan Gomez grow up from our beloved Zaria on The ParentHOOD. She’s still acting, a wonderful mother, happily married and WOKE WOKE WOKE! You have to love her! She’s well versed in all things Black and she isn’t afraid to speak her mind and interact with her followers. If you need a Woke person to follow, that is chill like a BFF, Reagan Gomez is right up your alley!


10. Roland Martin: @rolandmartin


Rounding out our 10 Tweeters is Roland Martin. He’s always good for a nice conversation starter. His tweets are hilarious and though a lot of times I don’t agree with what he says, he is being 100% true to himself and what he believes in. That’s a quality that I always find admirable. His love for all things black is another admirable quality.

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