10 Ways To Be Messy on Twitter With Your Ex

If you’re like me, you probably spend a lot of time using the social networking website, Twitter. Twitter helps you reach out to old friends and new friends alike. With a click of a button you can keep up with your favorite celebrity, your best friend or maybe even your little sister. But what do you do if you find out your ex has gotten hip to the hot new craze? There’s nothing worse than finding out your ex has a twitter page. Oh yeah, there is something worse, he follows you! Before you run for cover and contemplate deactivating your page play a little game with him. There’s always a little fun in being messy. Here are 10 ways to be Messy with your ex on Twitter!
1 – ReTweet – Want to make sure the world sees how much of a psycho your ex really is? How about retweet everything he says to you! Retweeting lets your followers see the conversation you’re having. It’s almost like having an argument in the middle of the street….everyone is a witness! The smartest thing your ex will ever do is ignore you. That’s IF he’s smart.
2 – DM – So your ex has a new girlfriend and you feel like stirring up a little drama. It’s okay, we all feel that way sometimes. Try randomly tweeting him “hey boo, did you get my dm?” throughout the day. If his girlfriend is insecure (which chances are, she might be) she’ll begin questioning him as to why you guys are sending secret direct messages to each other in the first place. Messy! Messy!
3 – Accidently Let One Slip – This goes along with DM’ing. When you two are sending direct messages back and forth “accidently” tweet a message on your public timeline that was obviously meant for a DM. To add icing to the cake, always remember to say his name. For example: “OMG John, you are so nasty! LOL” or “I miss you too, John!”. If his new girl knows what’s good for her, she’ll definitely have a few questions.
4 – Twitter Beef – Just let him have it! If your ex makes you angry in the slightest bit, use Twitter as your outlet to completely rip him a new one! Everyone loves a little drama, and your followers will appreciate all of the entertainment. You may even gain a few new followers from it all. It’s definitely worth a try.
5 – Twitpic It Or It Didn’t Happen – Have that pesky ex that won’t stop calling you or coming by your house? Here’s an opportunity to put him on blast. Twitpic It! Now that there is a camera on every phone, you can take a photo of every time his car is parked outside your apartment or anytime he shows up at your door unexpectedly. With just a simple click of a button, that photo is published to the world wide web. Talk about embarrassing!
6 – Take A Vote – So your ex has a new girlfriend and you feel a little jilted. There’s a way to fix that! Post a side by side pic of the two of you and have your followers vote for who’s the hottest! If they’re smart, they’ll vote you. Make sure you find the most busted, embarrassing photo of her you can find.
7 – Keep It Private – You can be extremely messy from behind a private page. Why? Well, because from a private page, unless that person follows you, they cannot see anything that you’re typing. This makes for a great opportunity to say things to your followers that the other party won’t be able see. It also allows you to name names without facing any repercussion. Hey! I said it would be messy!
8 – The Stalker Approach – I mean, as long as he’s on Twitter, why not stalk his page? That’s what it’s there for right? By no means do I mean to dedicate time out of your day to check on what he is doing, but every now and then take a peek at what he’s going on. Sometimes you just want to hear how bad he’s doing because it helps you feel better! You never know, he might slip up and say he misses you.
9 – Invite Him To The Block Party – If you absolutely don’t want your ex following you on Twitter just hit the block button! When you block someone it removes them from your following list and you from there’s. It’s almost like a mutual breakup except he really has no choice in the decision. So maybe it’s not really mutual but there’s no better feeling than having all of the power in your hands.
10 – Subliminal Tweet – This one is used VERY often by those who are attempting to be messy on Twitter. A subliminal tweet (also referred to as an ‘air tweet’) is when someone tweets about someone or has a tweet directed towards someone but does not include their name. It’s a form of indirectly directing a message someone’s way. It causes confusion because at times the wrong person could think the message was about them, or at times, the person you directed it to never sees it at all. It’s basically like talking about someone right in there face. It’s the ultimate level of messy

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