10-Year-Old Boy Commits Suicide After Being Bullied Relentlessly

10-Year-Old Boy Commits Suicide After Being Bullied Relentlessly

A mother’s worst fear is to find out that her child has done the unthinkable, committed suicide. Crystal Smith of Houston, Texas has finally found the courage to speak about the loss of her 10-year-old son after almost two months of his passing. 

Smith described her son as a funny and upbeat child, in which she called him her “good troop.” But deep inside there was an internal struggle going on for the little boy, who was constantly bullied by classmates at Robinson Elementary School. 

According to KTRK-TV, the 10-year-old boy took his own life after being bullied relentlessly by other children in school. 

Reese’s mother, Crystal Smith, thought he had the bullying under control on his own. 

“I just thought he was handling the situations,” Smith said. “They wrote on his tablet to kill yourself. ‘You don’t belong here.’ When it got physical back in November, he came home crying because he didn’t fight back and one of the boys punched him several times coming from recess.” 

On January 21st, Kevin came home from school with his 13-year-old sister and did the unthinkable. 

Smith was out of town for work, and the children were supposed to wait at home for their stepfather to arrive. At some point, Kevin hanged himself in a closet of the family home. 

His sister called their mother in hysterics after she found his body. 

“He just had enough,” Smith said. “He just had enough, and he felt that he was backed into a corner.” 

Mental Health Specialists are citing that bullying, along with social media, school pressures and problems within the home life are the leading factors for depression and suicide in young people today. 

Crystal Smith is now telling her story hoping that it helps other families. She wants other parents to pay more attention to what is happening with their children and their social circles. 

“Pay attention to your child,” she said. “Don’t assume that things are handled at the school. Stay on top of it until you see something come out on the end.” 

If you or anyone you know is in distress and considering suicide, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

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