9 Days Before Christmas My Baby Let Me Meet The Family


Chestnuts are roasting by an open flame. You spent Thanksgiving doing Friendsgiving and spending time with your family sans Bae, however, Christmas is gaining steam and quickly approaching. Bae wants you to spend time with him/her. They want to meet the family.


Before you get all gleeful and excited, you have to understand the relevance and what to expect. First things first, if Bae is traditional, meeting the family is a big step in the course of your relationship, especially during the holiday season. You will more than likely meet at least three to four generations of family. Now if your boo is a “everyone meets my family” person than you are just one of many auditioning. The only way you will figure out which Bae you have is by observing the dynamics with family.


When meeting the family you need to listen more than you talk. Observation is key. How he introduces you to the family will be a tell-tale sign. How his family behaves will also be indicative of your relationship status.


Don’t expect too much.  Yes, for most normal non-toxic people, meeting the family is a big deal, but when you expect that this is the next big step, you set yourself up for failure. Again, you are trying to figure out if Bae is Bae or just another F*ckboy in Bae’s clothing.


Don’t overthink it. Stop questioning your presence. This is a time to see if his family is a factor you want to be bothered with. Sometimes there are little problems within a family that can be seen from the outside looking in perspective. When you enter into a relationship, although you aren’t dating the family, you have some dealings with them. Understanding their idiosyncrasies is paramount. Witnessing them in their element will give you insight. You need to know if Bae’s family has mental illness, pettiness or a combination of the above.


Above all else. Live in the moment. It could be the beginning of something beautiful. Enjoy it for what it is.

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