12-Year-Old Charged With Killing A Man To Steal His Guns In Milwaukee

12-Year-Old Charged With Killing A Man To Steal His Guns In Milwaukee

A 12-year-old could be facing a life sentence after he killed his neighbor in an effort to steal his guns.

The boy, who will not be named because of his age, allegedly carried out a fatal shooting of 34-year-old Brandon Felton. The shooting happened on March 15, and all because Felton refused to sell his gun to them. Police discovered the crime all from a pizza receipt.

After a series of inconsistent statements from the boy, police tied a pizza receipt from the night of the killing. Before finally acknowledging he was home during the killing, he then said he was playing video games and blamed the homicide on someone else.

Police then found text messages from the defendant, “I’m gonna do it to Brandan [sic],” the court document stated.

The text conversation shows the defendant saying he has a gun and asking, “should I kill him (right now)?” the complaint said. Another person in the conversation replied, “Noooo,” but the defendant allegedly replied, “I’m belting him don’t got time for dude going after my family,” the documents show.

Eventually, the boy confessed to his mother and intended to steal Felton’s guns.

The child’s bond was set to $100,000 with a preliminary hearing on April 14.

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