Oklahoma State Sorority House Quarantines After 23 Members Contract COVID-19

A sorority house at Oklahoma State is quarantining after nearly two dozen members contracted the virus, school officials said.

As of Saturday, the off-campus sorority house of Pi Beta confirmed 23 cases.
“Due to the nature of this situation, the entire chapter house is in isolation or quarantine and will be prohibited from leaving the facility,” the college said.

One member who doesn’t live in the sorority house also tested positive and will remain in isolation, the New York Post reports.

The house has been disinfected and will be again once the quarantine period ends.
However, some students fear that the virus will spread outside the house and onto the campus.

“You have girls that live in-house and some that don’t live in house,” student Julia Aguirre told News9. “I mean, they’re coming in and out, in and out all day.”

Oklahoma State’s Greek life isn’t the first to be affected by the virus, Washington State reported 93 cases of COVID-19, 89 of those cases were students that liked off-campus in frat houses.


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